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What Is the OBall Baby Toy? Gripping Information Revealed!

This OBall Toy is Gonna Change the Baby Game!

baby oball toy review

We bought our baby boy one of these OBall toys because he’s really into balls!  My baby loves balls and the OBall toy is super easy to grip and really lightweight for younger babies. I mean really young, like a 3 month old would love this ball!

Barney the Dinosaur said it best, when you have a ball, you have the world’s greatest toy of all

Joshua was 3 months old at the time we bought his OBall and it’s been cool to watch him grow with it.  

He started out just holding it, but now that he’s moving more, he can do more with it, like throw it and chase it.

Amazon has the OBall for a phenomenal price most of the time and they have other OBall toy choices to pick from.


The Best Baby Ball Ever!

It may not look like anything fancy but to a baby, it’s the best ball ever!  Hold it, throw it, roll it, chase it…The shape, weight, size, and colors are all so well thought out.  It seems like such a simple ball but it really isn’t when you think about the features geared towards babies.

oball baby toy

7 Reasons to Love the OBall Toy!

Oball Toy Ball, MulticoloredOball Toy Ball, Multicolored

What features make the Oball baby toy so special?

  1. Hold It
  2. Roll It
  3. Throw It
  4. Chase It
  5. It’s Lightweight
  6. Easy to Grip
  7. Soft and Flexible

Parents love that the OBall is dishwaster safe!  When the ball gets dirty, we just wash it in the sink or put it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

The Shape of the OBall is Perfect for Babies!

The Oball is really lightweight, it probably weighs an ounce or two, it’s like a feather.  Joshua can pick it up and throw it like nothing.

All the O-shaped holes make it easy for his little fingers to hold the ball and throw it.  Ever since he was really little (like 3 mos old) he could grip this ball in between his fingers and that was fascinating to him.  Now that Joshua is older he can throw it and chase it and he really, really likes that!

Joshua Loves to Chase the OBall Now That He’s Crawling!


How Big is the OBall?

The OBall measures 3.5-inches in diameter and the material is a really pliable, flexible plastic that almost feels rubbery.


OBall Toys Are Good Gifts for New Parent

We put this ball in the diaper bag and take it everywhere with us because it’s really the only toy that keeps him entertained for a longer period of time.  All the OBall toys look pretty cool, we’ll probably get the car or rattle next.

Oball Toy BallOball Toy BallOball Rainstick RattleOball Rainstick RattleO Ball Gift SetO Ball Gift Set

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