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Wedding Hairstyles- The challenge of being a bride

Wedding hairstyles flower of course

Wedding hairstyles – the current trends for 2015

Frankly, preparing a wedding is always a very stressful business. We have to think about so many important and unimportant things. The parents only want the best for the bride and groom and sometimes do not listen to newer and better suggestions.



It has to be done so much and at the end of the preparation, at the actual wedding the bride and groom should happily and calmly accept the greetings of the guests.

The choice of hairstyle depends a lot on the overall outfit

Wedding hairstyles flower


Less is more! Setting accents can be more effective than you think

Wedding hairstyles feather accessory

The olive branch made of silver makes every Cinderella a true princess

Wedding hairstyles feat



Yes, sometimes the preparation phase is just as bad as just described, but there are certainly beautiful and fun moments during this time. This definitely includes choosing the right wedding hairstyle. Looking at and trying out different wedding hairstyles is a challenge for every bride to find her individuality and to express her in the best possible way. Therefore we make ourselves comfortable today and together we consider the current trends in the world of bridal fashion.

And if the current wedding dresses from the catwalk are only available for sale in the next season, we can now try out the corresponding hairstyles.

Filigree and playful one can call the tendency in the Brautmode

Wedding hairstyles flower of hair bands

With these hairstyles you can dance and celebrate with confidence

Wedding hairstyles flower of playful

A flower in the hair is beautiful, tender and fragrant – just like any bride is

Wedding hairstyles spring short

The current trends in the wedding fashion and hairstyles show up updos, as well as subtle braids or even completely open hair. In all cases, regardless of whether your hair is smooth or curly, we observe a strong presence of hair ornaments. The position and size of the accessories can complete your complete outfit and your silhouette and put your hairstyle in the right light. But it can also happen that you have gone a bit too far with style and the result seems strange, rather than wonderful.

The wedding hairstyle can be more casual if you opt for a flower arrangement

Wedding hairstyles flower by

A wedding veil is suitable for shorter to medium-long hair

Wedding hairstyles feat

Emphasize your head shape through the hair decoration

Wedding hairstyles spring long

If you decide for a deep set of bun or braid, it is sufficient if you tie the hair together at the neck and fix it with hairpins. A retro look can be achieved with a French braid with a lot of volume. Open hair and a filigree hairband or a flower emphasize your affection for the natural. Medium-length hair may well postpone a subtle bridal veil. Flowers, hair clips or hair bands? Accessories that suggest a naturalness, purity and refinement. Let yourself be inspired by the enclosed examples.

If you have long hair, use it as a natural headdress

Wedding hairstyles an accent

The look of a forest fairy is very elegant and enchanting at the same time

Wedding hairstyles feather filigree

Feathers in the hair could easily be associated with a magnificent swan

Wedding hairstyles feather nature

However, for the updos you will need professional help and lots of hairspray.

It’s best to choose the hairstyle for the dress

Wedding hairstyles flower feather

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