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This TOY Relieves Baby’s Sore Gums from Teething AND DOES THIS!!!!

help teething baby get relief from sore gums

Joshua is seven months old and he hasn’t broken a tooth yet but he’s gnawing everything in sight.  He crawls behind doors to try to chew those little door stoppers that stick out. Not safe, I know.

Josh is a busy kid, his attention doesn’t hold really long like most babies his age and so most teething toys bore him after a few minutes.  I’ve tried frozen rings, beaded rings, gummy rings and all sorts of things to help but he just doesn’t stay interested very long.  He’s got that banana toothbrush teether, and he likes it, but it doesn’t hold his attention very long.

I finally found one that is super special…. This teething toy does more than relieve sore, irritated gums… it does the laundry, dishes and walks the dog!  No, I’m kidding, but …

It Doubles as a Feeder!

relieve babys sore gums teething

Those are grapes inside the teether toy

But Wait, There’s More!

It’s a multi-purpose teething toy that relieves pain, doubles as a feeder AND ….

how to help baby with sore gums from teething

It’s not the same every time you give it to them (unless you want it to be).

Say what, Momma?

This teething toy rocks because I can change it up all the time!  I can give him new flavors and textures every time I give it to him.

This little food feeder teething toy holds all sorts of food.

best baby toy for teething pain

It looks small, but what you do is chop up the food or just squish it in there.

best baby teether for gum pain

The snap mechanism locks tightly for a secure closure.

best baby teething toy for sore gums

To open this teether toy, you pinch those two pieces there that look like fangs.  It locks really tight, no way baby is busting it open, it’s safe!

The bottom of it has a rubber ring and it’s great for gripping or teething.

best relief for teething baby pain

Whenever Joshua sees me stuffing the Munchkin teether, he starts getting all whimpery like puppy ready to be fed. You just never know what I’m gonna stick in there 😉  that makes this an exciting toy every single time he sees it.  It’s never boring, and I do mean never.

Feed Baby Whole Foods without Choking Hazards!

It’s a great way to give a baby whole foods without worrying about them choking.

The food stays in the feeder and only squishes out in small, digestible servings.

Fresh Food Teether ToysFresh Food Teether Toys

Some other cool features worth mentioning..

  • It’s dishwasher and freezer friendly!
  • Baby can chew, suck, taste and teethe!
  • Cold foods are great for teething relief!
  • Great alternative to a traditional teething toy if you’re looking for a baby gift!

If you want to give your baby fresh foods, these are the best!

We use ours daily to feed Josh and relieve his sore gums from teething pain.  There’s no end to the things you can put inside and that makes it the most exciting teething toy for sore gums!

What are the Best Teething Baby Foods for the Feeder?

We like raw, cold foods for teething relief…

  • apples
  • grapes (cold or frozen)
  • frozen bananas
  • carrots
  • strawberries
  • ice

In our experience, apples and carrots are really great when he wants to just bite down on something harder.  He gets this burst of flavor and the texture of the apples is such a relief when he just wants to bite down and cut teeth.

Grapes are fun because they burst with juice when he gets a good bite. 

coolest baby teether

Frozen bananas are wonderful for teething babies in this feeder, they are cold, soothing and have a great texture for biting down and cutting teeth.

Carrot are another favorite for teething pain because they are hard, cold and sweet to taste.

best foods for a teething baby with no teeth

Ice is another favorite of ours, not to mention the least messy!

Any food is going to have some mess to it, it’s a baby!

If you want to give your baby relief from sore gums, irritation and other ails that go with teething, buy this Munchkin feeder teething toy!  You will not regret it, it’s cheap, easy and helps them cut teeth like no other toy we’ve had!

Not only is it super healthy to feed your baby whole foods, but it rocks that you can help them with relief from teething pain!

Cold and raw foods have been Joshua’s best friend but I know moms who swear by a piece of warm turkey!

There’s no end to how creative you can be with this thing and your baby is gonna love you for not handing him some boring teething ring that tastes like nothing. 🙂

Fresh Food Teether ToysFresh Food Teether ToysMunchkin 4 PackMunchkin 4 PackMunchkin Deluxe Teether FeederMunchkin Deluxe Teether Feeder

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