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20 Impressive Terrarium Designs for Your Home Decoration

Terrarium is a great idea to decorate your home because it can give you extra advantages. Beside for its function to create greenery, plants that are grown into the terrarium planter can give certain beauty that you may can’t get from the other planters. Since the planters are in varied, …

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21 Easy Painting Ideas for Your Home Decoration

Sometimes we feel that the walls of the house feel empty and uncomfortable to look at. So that makes us want to add beautiful home decor. Painting becomes one of the beautiful decorations that can fill the wall space. If you only want to display one large painting, then arranging …

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35 Wondrous DIY Pendant Light for Your Home Decoration

Hanging lights are often used as the main attraction of a room. Therefore this type of lamp is made with a special design so that the room looks beautiful and has extraordinary charm. Moreover, a pleasant atmosphere can also be raised through the pendant light. Hanging model made of old …

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30 Creative DIY Plywood for Your Home Decoration

The house becomes a comfortable place to take a rest after full day activities. Therefore, the interior arrangement in the house must be suitable to create a sense of comfort. Nowadays, there are a lot of furniture materials that you can use to complete your home. When buying home furniture, …

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15 Paper Light DIY To Rock Your Home Interior

Having a uniquely shaped lamp shade can make your interiors look modern and special. Luckily, you don’t always need to buy it from your local light store. It’s possible to make them out of paper! In this post, we have some great lighting that is made of paper. Some are …

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16 Nautical Wall Decoration Ideas

You blended into the society and live among humans. You look at the sky and long for something. We know just the thing! It’s time to bring back your oceanic memories with lovely nautical-themed decorations! Reignite your childhood memories that you live as a mermaid! Transform your home into a …

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