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Order wedding cards online: the small wedding paper advice guide

You have already found the way to your heart and would now like to share your happiness with your loved ones and celebrate together. The best day of your life is already fixed and you are in the middle of the wedding preparations. There has to be a lot of thought and any professional or well-organized help will suit you. If you have already commissioned an experienced wedding planner with the full organization, then it will certainly be a lot easier for you. They will then be supported and advised in everything. Nevertheless, with or without a wedding planner, you can do a lot of things yourself, such as choosing your own wedding cards, designing them and ordering them online. Luckily, there are professional providers on the net, like Cotton Bird that will help you with this high-quality, lovingly crafted stationery product on this very important matter.

In the following lines we have put together a little guide for you, so that you know in advance what is important in the choice of wedding paraphernalia. Which wedding cards are indispensable for your wedding and what is still available to you as a stationery item.

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The classics under the wedding cards

The Wedding invitation Often called only wedding card, because it is undoubtedly the most important ever. It is the official confirmation for every single guest. The invitation card always includes the names of the bride and groom, date, time and place of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. It also indicates when guests should tell if they are coming to the wedding. At this point you should also mention the handy post-reply card, which makes your wedding planning a lot easier. This is in the envelope with the invitation in it and is filled out by the guests and sent back to you. As a noble addition to your wedding invitation, the envelope insert is also recommended. All stationery parts in the same design and color, of course. Some well-proven providers therefore have so-called wedding invitation complete sets on offer, which contain all the necessary elements.

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Table and place cards are also part of the basic equipment of your wedding parade. This will lovingly tell your guests exactly where you should sit down when you have arrived at the wedding location. The individual cards can be placed very original on the cloth napkin or attached to other table top elements. In addition, you can opt for a precise seating plan as well as additional place cards for each individual table with the appropriate guest name.

Acknowledgments Especially at weddings is a very important, emotional moment. With the matching Thanksgiving cards thank your guests for the attention, the wishes for happiness and the beautiful gifts. Often, these wedding cards are enriched with your best wedding photos.

Stylishly expand your wedding party

A complete wedding parade includes other imaginative and useful wedding cards and items. Above all the Save the date card, This wedding card is actually the first to be sent to your guests right after the wedding date has already been decided. So everyone can note the date in the calendar and keep it free.

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Church books are indispensable helpers at a church wedding. On it all texts of the ceremony as well as music and songs stand on it. The booklets are usually placed on the benches before the ceremony. The same role is fulfilled by the Programmhefte, which inform the guests about all processes of the wedding.

A tastefully designed menu is also a nice addition to your wedding table decoration. This not only gives your guests a good overview of food and drinks, but can also be taken as a nice reminder of the party.

Wedding fans, confetti cones, lucky messenger cards, pendants and bottle labels as well as table numbers and a number of stickers will add the finishing touch to your noble wedding wallpaper.

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In order to optimally coordinate all wedding cards and stationery items, you should start planning your wedding early enough and set the date, wedding location and guest list in good time. When choosing your wedding style and colors, be sure to rely on your own gut feeling and find the best design for your dream wedding with expert paperwork designers. Whether classic romance, vintage nostalgia, rustic cosiness, luxurious glamor or purist simplicity – what's right is what pleases!

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