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Napkins Fold – 40 ideas for weddings and other occasions

Organizing a wedding is a complex matter. During this one has to deal with many smaller and larger details. Among other things, you have to fold napkins or give someone clues as to how to do that. But that must not bore you! Nothing should bore you during a wedding. This is an exciting and unique event and the wonderful memories should stay your whole life long! We want to illustrate this with the help of the topic "Napkins folding". Our simple ideas are at the same time very upscale and incredibly creative. Thus, you achieve the quasi best possible results with the least possible effort. Learn how this and other details make a big difference in the context of your wedding decoration can represent.

Wooden table with noble and glamorous jewelery

Blue napkin - great wedding decoration

Choose a noble and practical material and fold napkins

We'll tell you a secret: No one really needs the super complicated napkin shapes. These are considered old-fashioned and definitely not trendy. They are more in favor of making something special out of plain paper or fabric. But that is not our case!

If you choose a noble fabric for napkinsYou will also get along with a very simple way of folding. Take a look at the example in this picture: One has opted for a brilliant silk fabric and adorned this with charming fringes. A complicated doctor of wrinkles would be absolutely superfluous here. Due to the simple rectangular shape, the qualities of the napkin really come into their own.

Triangular napkins made of white fabric

Engraved pattern - wedding decoration

Make the most of the monochrome shades

In the next step, we want to prove to you that the white color and monochrome fabrics are by no means boring at all. Even the white color can be very varied. It also depends on the quality of the fabric. I still know the most traditional color for weddings and napkins in this shade will emphasize your taste for the tradition. However, get an overview of the different options for fabrics under which you can choose. There are both glamorous and rough variants. Furthermore, the napkins can be stamped. The initials of the bride and groom, the wedding date and other details can be applied on it. The same as for white also applies to the other monochrome quotes. The simple triangular shape as in the picture above or other classic solutions are very popular.

White napkins on a wonderful wooden table

Charming autumnal wedding decoration

Napkins fold – a very broad term in contemporary weddings

At the traditional weddings in the past you really had to fold napkins. Today, this is a broad term, which could mean just a creative laying down of a piece of cloth under the harness. In the example with the autumn decoration in the picture above this is exactly the case. Here you have a lot of beautiful shiny colors. The flower decoration in the middle of the table and the ornaments on the plates also present several details. The simple white fabrics provide a balance. This made, among other things, the napkins for the wedding table. They are not folded but simply laid out, with one end between the plates and the other falling freely under the table.

Wedding decoration with nautical theme

Yellow ideas for the wedding decoration

Modern textures and colors

In recent years we have experienced a variety of modern shades representing the variation of a classic color. There are so many new and trendy variants of yellow, red, gray and blue. Choose one of the modern options! Then your celebration would at the same time get a classic and very individual character. That's exactly what you get with the rustic-looking napkin from the example below. Both the original version of gray and the gray texture look very trendy. At the same time they have a rural character and would wonderfully inscribe themselves in such a decoration concept for such a wedding.

Gray napkins – idea for rural wedding decoration

Wedding Decor - blue-gray idea

Individual solutions with napkin rings

Simplicity and creativity – combining these two features makes folding napkins and other decorative tasks into something special. The solutions with napkin ring are wonderfully integrated into this context. Select a noble piece, and already your idea looks super classy. Napkin rings made of precious wood and metal are currently very popular. Of course, you should combine these with fine fabrics.

A napkin ring can make the decoration look extra uplifted

Wedding Decor - Noble Napkin

The napkin-folding and the style of your wedding decoration

Finally, we would like to give you some hints on how best to adapt the folded napkins to the style of the table decoration. In many cases they emphasize the background color of the celebration. For this they would have to agree with the shading of the tablecloth and other elements in the decoration. Furthermore, one can put subtle accents through the napkins. In this case, choose a shade that corresponds well with other details. The fabric and color can still be chosen to match the style of the decoration.

Another idea for great napkin rings

Wedding decoration - blue design

Wedding napkins in rural style

Wedding decoration - a brown napkin

Even very simple folded napkins can look very upscale

Wedding decoration - green and white

Greatly folded napkins in three different colors

Wedding Decor - Green, Orange and Yellow

Wedding decoration - rural decoration idea

Wedding decoration - neutral bright table design

Centerpiece of flowers for the wedding table design

Wedding decoration - plain in white color

Wedding Decor - black, white and gold

Wedding decoration - napkin like a crown

Thanks to a noble fabric even the simple folded napkins look good

Wedding decoration - super luxurious idea

Wedding decoration - great idea in pink

Wedding decoration - great ideas with stones

Labeled napkins should just hang from the table

Wedding decoration - great napkin ideas

Wedding decoration - great bags for cutlery

Wedding decoration - great white ideas

Napkin metal rings are a noble and simple solution

Wedding decoration - great golden ring

Wedding decoration - white, decorated with red

Wedding decoration - white rolled napkins

Noble neutral colors are among the trend among napkins

Wedding decoration - white napkins on a wooden table

Wedding decoration - white napkins with silver nuances

Wedding Decor - wonderful idea in beige

You can simplify and use classic models for folding napkins

Wedding decoration for a large hall

Wedding decoration for a table in the garden

Wedding decoration bright shades - great patterned

Wedding decoration in a purple shade

More simple and trendy ideas for napkins fold

Wedding decoration in a mint color

Wedding decoration it's great purple flowers in the middle

Wedding decoration with floral decoration

Wedding decoration with real flowers

Wedding decoration with many purple shades

Find the right fabric for your decorative style

Wedding Decor -White with lace in beige

Ring of wood wedding decoration

lace and white color - wedding decoration

great tipped wedding decoration

Great wide napkins - wedding decoration

Simple and elegant idea for paper napkins

Great napkin in white and red wedding decoration

Many forks and knives - wedding decoration

wonderful servuettes for folding - wedding decoration

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