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Making a wedding decoration yourself – 60 creative ideas for a small budget

The new 2019 wedding season has definitely started. Many happy couples will vote in favor again this year and celebrate their big day together with friends and relatives. In any case, a well-conceived planning of the festivities also requires a successful decoration, not only in the church or at the wedding arch, but above all on the table. Today we show you a lot of ideas how to make elegant and atmospheric wedding decorations yourself. Some of them are relatively quick and easy to implement and others take much more time and require a clever hand. Generally it applies: start with the preparation of the Wedding decoration as early as possible so that you have enough time to make it stress-free and loving.

Making wedding decorations yourself – creative ideas with a guaranteed WOW effect

Wedding decoration itself make stars of paper garland

Skilfully put flowers in scene

According to the latest wedding trends in 2019, a botanically inspired decoration is very popular and preferred by many bridal couples. Of course, this trend goes hand in hand with sustainable marriage. Flowers and plants are in the foreground and are presented puristically presented or original and noble in the center.



In principle, botanical decoration ideas are pretty easy to make themselves, because beautiful flowers and green leaves are in themselves a magnificent decoration. Often a ball Mason Jar or another mason jar, a glass bottle or old light bulbs, some pretty ribbons or a little jute and you can conjure in a hurry a hanging flower deco or original eye-catcher for the wedding table.

White lace is also excellent for this

make ball maison wedding decoration yourself


Upcycling is definitely an important topic in the DIY wedding

make light bulbs vases wedding decorations yourself

Very original looks a hanging flower chandelier with lace. Just take a wooden ring from the craft shop or make it out of willow twigs. Flowers like rosesCut peonies or daisies to different lengths and hang them upside down with white ribbons attached to the ring. Stick a nice strip of lace on the outside of the ring. Finished!

You can hang the flower chandelier above the banquet table or the wedding buffet

make wedding decoration yourself with flowers and lace



It’s even easier with a DIY botanical wall decoration

beautiful wedding decoration make yourself wall decoration with flowers

Or with delicate garlands of carnation flowers

Make boho style wedding decoration yourself

Especially suitable for summer weddings … original cactus table decoration

wedding decoration itself make party favors cacti

Golden accents are back in fashion

Metallic shades are absolutely in vogue again this year. Accents in gold and rose gold as well as in silver are definitely one of them, even if you want to make your wedding decoration yourself. From empty bottles of different sizes, you can use a gold spray to create magical vases for the wedding table. In it you can only take a flower yourself, like peony, tulip or rose … depending on the season and your own taste. In such a radiant table decoration you can do without tablecloth or put on a simple table runner.

Always group deco elements in an odd number

wedding decoration make yourself table decoration gold spray

Other items can be silver, copper or gold upgrade and turn into real eye-catcher. How about a golden pineapple, for example? You really only need the right spray and of course the fruit. As many fruits as you need. You can then spread the golden fruits on the festive tables or decorate the wedding buffet. Especially weddings, which take place in the summer, can be beautifully decorated, but also in general celebration, which have a noble, exotic touch in itself.

Deco antlers in gold is not a bad idea either

make wedding decoration yourself pineapple gild

And what about that Hula hoopthat you have not really used lately? Well, this is just perfect as a fancy photo wall. Spray with gold spray, tie up beautiful ribbons, glue your favorite photos and decorate with pretty flowers and leaves. Et voila!

Such an original hula hoop photo wall is also the perfect addition to the wedding gift

wedding decoration itself make photo wall around

Make original photo wedding decoration yourself

With photos, you can still make a lot of unusual deco elements and creative gifts. A great example of this are these DIY coasters from Einweckglasdeckeln, They are quickly crafted and can serve as a table decoration at the same time, as a nice souvenir of the guests taken or provided with wedding photos will be sent later as a thanksgiving. For this you need:

  • Laser printer
  • Photo paper plus semi-gloss
  • Epoxy casting resin water clear
  • Einweckglasdeckel
  • Plastic cup and stir bar
  • adhesive
  • Lighter, long

    Depending on the occasion you can equip them with photos before or from the wedding

make photo coasters wedding decorations yourself

And that’s how easy it is:

After you have printed the selected photo motifs on paper, cut them in a round shape. Using the lid and pen, draw the circles precisely and then cut them with scissors. Then stick the photos to the inside of the lid and press down nicely.

Step 1

wedding decoration yourself make photo coasters guide

2nd step

wedding decoration yourself make photo gifts guide

3rd step

round photo coasters make wedding decoration yourself

Prepare that Cast resin after packing instruction and stir this well in the plastic cup. Then pour the resin on each glued photo to about the middle of the lid and let it dry for a while, preferably overnight. If small bubbles have formed on the surface after casting, you should immediately fuse them using the long lighter by lighting it and making a brief approach to the bubble. Finished!

4th step

make photocopies coasters with photos wedding decorations yourself

When it comes to making wedding decorations, creativity knows no bounds. You can let off steam creatively. It is important to do everything with love and to stay true to the style and the motto of the wedding. Much craftsmanship, a good luck and an unforgettable dream wedding wishes you the Freshideen editors!

The DIY wedding is becoming more popular among bridal couples

Wedding decoration itself make lace and pluck chair decoration

Especially weddings in vintage and country house style are often creative

wedding decoration make flowers plucking fabric chair decoration

Mason jars make wedding decoration itself

wedding decoration itself make from tin cans with flowers

Make festive tassels garlands that become real eye-catchers

instructions for tassels garlands make wedding decoration itself

Incidentally, Marsmallows are uniquely suited as a wedding decoration

wedding decoration itself make garlands of marsmallows

Just like the lace doilies made of paper

Wedding decorations make wedding cards with paper doilies

wedding decoration make glass bottles cake topping

wedding deco itself make paper bags confetti

Magical flowers made of paper bring that certain something

wedding decoration make romantic paper table decoration yourself

make wedding decorations yourself make roses paper

And how about heart candles or ice cubes with edible flowers?

make heart candles wedding decorations yourself

Wedding decoration itself make ice cubes with edible flowers

Let yourself be inspired by the remaining DIY wedding decoration ideas!

make wedding decoration yourself from corks

wedding decoration itself make tin can vases wedding decoration itself make letters of cardboard and wool Wedding decoration itself make mason jars as vases wedding decoration itself make photo wall flowers wedding decoration itself make party favors with lavender

wedding decoration itself make party favors rosemary salt wedding decorations make hearts out of twigs wedding decoration yourself in vintage style

wedding decoration make yourself small rosemary wreaths table decoration

wedding decoration make yourself confetti bag with butterflies instructionwedding decoration make yourself confetti bag

Wedding decoration itself make lanterns out of paper

wedding decoration itself make laurel leaves gold

wedding decoration yourself make daisies table decoration Make wedding decorations yourself with flowers

Make wedding decorations yourself with fruit boxes

Wedding decoration by yourself make original diy garland old books wedding decoration itself make romantic table decoration Wedding decoration yourself make rustic table decoration

wedding decoration yourself make rustic pennants

wedding decoration itself make sackcloth ideas

Wedding decoration itself make soap in heart shape Wedding decoration make chairs decorate with ribbons

Wedding decoration itself make succulents and cactus table decoration

wedding decoration make table decoration from paper baskets

wedding decoration make yourself table decoration rustic

wedding decoration itself make pie garland

wedding decoration make yourself bags glasses lace top

wedding decoration yourself make vintage style ideas

wedding decoration make yourself vintage dream catcher

wedding cards DIY tutorial make wedding decoration yourself

ikea lanterns make wedding decorations yourself

make small wedding decoration itself from clothespins

make chandelier wedding decoration yourself

make original wedding decorations yourself with flowers and berries

make roses vintage wedding decorations yourself rusitkale wedding decorations make themselves plucking

make rustic wedding decoration yourself with heath

gypsophila chair decoration make wedding decoration itself

table decoration balls make wedding decoration itself

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