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Making a wedding candle yourself: 50+ inspiring ideas

Homemade projects are practically compulsory if you want a memorable wedding. The little things are particularly strong. An individually designed invitation, a personalized gift, a wine bottle with the names and image of the bridal couple – all this makes the celebration unique and unforgettable. Today we present you a great idea of ​​this kind! It’s about making a wedding candle yourself. Or with several such individually customize the table! Take your time and be motivated by the glorious examples of your own projects.

It’s so easy to create antique deco, make it yourself with a wedding candle!

Do antique decoration with candles yourself

Make wedding candle yourself and use as the centerpiece

The homemade wedding candle would be a wonderful centerpiece on the table of the bride and groom. In the first picture we also see such an idea. The candle looks particularly noble, especially by the way it is staged. The table decoration looks especially exalted on the one hand by the antique frame and on the other by the black and white contrast.



Light blue and silver are a wonderful combination for candle decoration

Make blue candles with metallic candlestick yourself


Make noble candlesticks and wedding candle yourself

In the second picture we see quite simple candles, which however show a stylish pastel color. In combination with the silver candlesticks you create an elegant atmosphere in the room. It’s pretty easy to make a decoration with wedding candles yourself after this strategy. The effect is great, very stylish and at the same time not particularly binding. The combination of blue and silver is a great replacement for traditional white shading.

The number three has a symbolic meaning! Choose these for your decoration with candles!

Thick candles themselves make wedding

Rowed centerpieces with decorated wedding candles

Instead of a table runner, they opted for great arrangements with candles. The idea is simple, but the combination of candles and flowers looks splendid. It has also managed to successfully combine modern and conservative style elements. The next picture shows a wonderful idea how to make a wedding candle yourself with the help of natural remedies. Especially in combination with such their symbolic character comes into their own. The whole table decoration looks uplifted and happy.

The homemade wedding candles can be the main element of your party!

Make wedding decoration for ceremony with candles



Wedding candles as a main element in the decoration

The large wedding candles in the next picture are the central element in the festive decoration. They look very original and carry a traditional character with them. At the same time, this is a great role model as you make yourself an oversized wedding candle. In this case, it has decided to use the color white. A bright pastel shade would be a wonderful alternative.

Many decorate their candles with fresh green!

Three candles wedding decoration

Candles decoration with water and flowers

Especially popular are the candles decorations with water and flowers. In the following, we have one of several role models for it. Many more can be found below. For the great effect it depends on the shape of the glass jars. Also important are the flower colors. In addition, such a decoration will fill the room with great aromas. You can enhance this effect with the help of essential oils.

Candles in the water would be a very appropriate wedding table decoration

Decorate wedding decoration with fruits and candles

Make candle in noble colors yourself

The wedding candle must be delicate and noble. This can be achieved very quickly by the silver and golden shades. These have been chosen for the candles in the next picture, but they can also be in the form of decoration. Here are many ideas of this kind. Consider them when making your own wedding candle yourself.

Metallic shades are always a good choice for the wedding

Make three thin elegant golden candles yourself

Decorating with candles for the wedding – general practical tips

Finally, we would like to tell you some practical tips for decorating with candles at wedding. In the first place, you determine whether these should become the eye-catcher of the table design. In this case, you can make a great decoration with an oversized wedding candle itself. Or you could take an odd number. The candles could also be a major element of the entire decoration of the festival. When do you need a majority of those that are strategically distributed? The rest of the decoration must be distributed and selected so that its beauty is emphasized. In this case, the candles and materials for their design should be executed in the main colors of the wedding celebration.

In all cases, the candles will brighten the wedding in a literal and figurative sense. That’s why we want to encourage you to integrate them in one way or another. Pay attention to the safety! The candles must be positioned so that there is no risk of fire. If there is an attendance at the party, someone should pay particular attention to it.
We wish you a beautiful and bright wedding!

The golden elements make the simple candles look noble

Make gold white wedding candles yourself

A variety of candles will spread magic on your wedding

Framing wedding decoration with candles

It’s so easy to make fabulous wedding candles yourself!

Wedding decoration with candles make idea

Wedding decoration with candles and other romantic elements

Wedding decoration with candles and shells

Decorate wedding candle with rustic decoration

Wedding candle itself make gold and white

Wedding candle itself make sea

Sometimes you really need very few materials to effectively make a candle!

Make wedding candles with colorful stones yourself

Make wedding candles with lace yourself

Wedding candles themselves make ideas

Make wedding candles yourself with jewelry

A pair of candles is a fabulous centerpiece for the festive table

Interesting motive to make wedding candles yourself

Candle shape silver ornaments

Candles on different heights. Wedding decoration

Candles shape in water

Candles in pink colors – great idea for the wedding party!

Candles shape in white and pink

Candles frame with flowers, water and stones

Make candles in three different colors yourself

Candles in glasses wedding decoration idea

The candle deco with natural materials is a fabulous idea for the table decoration

Sculpting candles with nature's gifts

Candles themselves make glass and different colors

Candles themselves make water and tree branches

Shaping metallic shading candles

Candles in bright pastel shades with lace decoration look especially exalted!

Pastel shades shape candles

Romantic decoration with candles

Pink and white make candles themselves

Make rose silver wedding candles yourself

There are many fabulous ideas for table decoration with candles and wine glasses

Make red candles on upturned glasses yourself

Make rustic decoration with wedding candles yourself

Black and white and pink romantic candles make yourself

The candles deco in vintage style is always gorgeous!

Summery wedding deco candles and roses

Design your own table with different dune candles

Vases with water and pink leaves Wedding decoration with candles

Gold plated candlestick DIY wedding decoration

Thanks to a great message, you can create wonderful decorations, make them yourself with wedding candles

Make vintage wedding decorations with candles yourself

Vintage wedding candles frame

Vintage style candle design

Water and candles DIY wedding decoration

White and gray, shiny and rough texture – a stylish contrast!

White gray candles make themselves

White green wedding decoration with candles

Make white wedding candles with jewelry yourself

Beautiful wedding decoration with candle make yourself

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