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How to choose and arrange your bed according to feng shui

Feng Shui is an ancient method and science of space arrangement. It can help people create a balanced, more hygienic interior design that will make them happier and more successful.

The bedroom an important room that might need feng shui. In this article, we will focus on the bed, the main piece of furniture in the bedroom. Here are some ideas that can shed some light on this method.

The bed should be positioned as far from the door as possible

According to feng shui, the bed should be placed away from the door but facing it. It keeps you away from all the hassle from the outside. It brings a respite for your survival mechanism that stays active 24 hours; that is to say even if you sleep.

The position of the bed should not face “directly” to the door

When you can see the door of your room from your bed, you will feel comfortable and safe. Your survival instinct can rest a bit. You will be able to see who enters your room and have time to react.

The ideal for a feng shui bedroom is to place the bed near a corner of the bedroom, diagonally facing the door. Thus the bed is far from the door, having a view of it without facing it directly. These are factors that promote maximum sleep and provide a sense of security and relaxation.

Position the headboard against a solid wall

This is an important piece of advice in feng shui. A solid wall behind the headboard will make you feel safe and not vulnerable. If this is not possible, install another type of wall behind the bed.

Avoid putting a footboard unless …

A footboard is considered an obstacle to the flow of IQ, so it should be avoided as much as possible in feng shui. However, if for some reason your feet are pointing to the door of your bedroom (a position known as “the position of death”), a footboard or other such piece of furniture will be a protection against kidnapping of life.

Do not position the bed under the window

According to feng shui, if you sleep in a bed positioned under a window, your personal IQ tends to weaken and diminish instantly. This is because the energy comes out the window.

Make sure your bed is at a proper height

The height of the bed must depend on your height. The mattress should be mid-leg, not too low so that you do not crawl to bed, nor too high to avoid having to jump or get on a stool.

Do not put anything under the bed

Remember, the goal is to circulate the positive energy around the bed, so also under the bed. For this, it is necessary to raise the position of the bed to a suitable height. It should be noted that storage drawers under the bed are not recommended in feng shui.

Choose a wooden headboard

This material is recommended for its solidity which is reassuring.

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