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How to add the right colors in a room decorated in black and white

There are several varieties of color shades that can be chosen for the decoration of a bedroom. His case is different from that of the kitchen and living room. The color palette used in the room must have a certain balance between the relaxing side and the energizing aspect. It is the perfect place to express your true style and without restriction. Even though the combination of black and white colors suits every room in the house, it is especially an excellent choice for modern bedrooms. With the predominantly neutral colors, a black and white bedroom can only be elegant.

However, elegance is not the only reason that drives people to choose this iconic and timeless duo. One of the great advantages of a black and white decoration is its flexibility. You can easily switch between accent colors. Ranging from bright red to sunny yellow, passing through different shades of pink, a wide range of choices is available to you. Flexible and dramatic, the black and white, devoid of selfishness, can let colored accent objects compete.

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The classic combo: black, white and red

Red is the color of passion, romance and energy. By adding this fiery shade to your bedroom, you’ll turn it into a much more energetic and appealing space. Any base of neutral nature will leave your accent colors always shine. By keeping the basic black and white decor, you give your red accents a better chance of having a lasting visual impact.

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Red, black and white form a classic color combination that is used with different interesting themes; such as contemporary or Asian. Sometimes you can reduce the black to use a lot more red, to create a completely different atmosphere. This can be done by simply exchanging a few black lampshades and opting for red accent cushions. But if you want to keep your room mainly in black and white, it is not recommended to have too much red.

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A hint of spring freshness

Spring is here, and it’s time to get rid of those winter whites that have lasted long enough to welcome the zest of colors of the season with open arms. The lemon yellow, the greens and the different shades of blue are perfect to celebrate the arrival of spring. A black and white room gives you the opportunity to experiment with these different bold colors. If it turns out that you want to make a decoration, as good for spring as for that summer, then some accent cushions, vases or shades in a refreshing color would be welcome.

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A better way to add color to your black and white bedroom is to let nature predominate visually. A large glass window has the advantage, not only to offer a breathtaking view of the rich flora outside, but also allows the latter to be part of your room.

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