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High or flat bridal shoes? The choice is up to you!

Any woman who has stood in front of the wedding altar knows exactly how stressful the wedding organization is, and especially the right choice of the perfect wedding dress. But that's not enough! So that the wedding look is perfect and charming, you also need matching bridal shoes. The choice of such could also be difficult, because they should be perfectly adapted to the wedding dress. In addition to the optical adaptation to textile and color is also added to the convenience. The question is especially important, high or flat bridal shoes? We'll give you some tips on the right heel height to make your choice a little easier.

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5 tips for the correct heel height

In general, women's high-heeled shoes make the silhouette look slimmer and more feminine. But if they are uncomfortable, this can go awry! There are some tricks that will give you more comfort. These can also be used in everyday shoe choice, but now they are comfortable Bridal Shoes Priority.

  1. You should know that every other inch of the heel increases toe tension by 25%.
  2. For the shoe sample, you should sit down, put on shoes and then run into something. When sitting, the length of the foot becomes smaller by 0.5 to 1 centimeter.
  3. If you choose a model with an open heel, you should definitely choose this with straps. This should keep the ankle stable, otherwise the foot will slip forward and the bridal shoes will become increasingly uncomfortable.
  4. Place the selected model on a flat surface (without wearing it) and see if the toe tip is slightly up. This is a sign of uncomfortable shoes.
  5. The difference between the heel height and the height of the base should be about 0.5 centimeters, so that the shoes are comfortable.

Buy the bridal shoes a little earlier to be able to run them home. This can also help you determine if they are really comfortable or not. Because, after all, you will be on your feet the whole wedding day and it is not particularly pleasant when the bridal shoes are pressing. Also make sure that the sole does not slip and is suitable for dancing.

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Choose flat bridal shoes

The selection of flat bridal shoes is also enormous. These are well suited for ladies who wear no heels in everyday life. Those who decide to do so can look forward to the many benefits and have the choice between different models for every taste. Lately, the sneakers are a very popular trend. These in a subtle white lace are perfect and comfortable bridal shoes especially for brides who want to be untraditional and fancy.

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Important in the choice of bridal shoes is that they are comfortable in the first place and fit perfectly with the wedding dress in style and color. Pay attention to heel height and stability. The ladies who do not want to give up high heels but are concerned can also opt for a second pair of bridal shoes that are flat. In this way, you can switch to the flat bridal shoes when your legs get tired.

Whether you decide for high or flat bridal shoes, we wish you a wonderful wedding day and a lot of family happiness!

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