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Fancy wedding rings for a unique wedding

Typical and conventional can look beautiful, but also be boring and impersonal. For many couples, the name of the spouse and date of marriage on the inside of a smooth golden ring is insufficient. Are you also looking for something original and unique for this unforgettable day? We show you 20+ fancy wedding rings for him and her.

Fingerprints for a very personal touch

Fancy wedding band fingerprint

Fancy wedding rings with unusual shapes

A particular ring shape can say a lot about the person wearing it. So the two wedding rings may be totally different. On the other hand, the two wedding rings can speak of the couple’s similarities. Maybe it’s the hobby or job that has made you both known and contracted.



Or maybe it’s something very abstract that only you can see in it: a pattern, for example, that only arises when you put the two rings on top of each other like a puzzle. Or a hidden picture or photo that you can project with light on the wall. Rings made of branches have a symbolic meaning of happiness, joy of life and positive change. Otherwise, you can make the rings look totally bizarre and asymmetrical and rely on a designer for their look.

Fancy designer rings

Fancy wedding rings designer cool


Gold for you, silver for him

Fancy wedding rings designer

Branches symbolize happiness and positive change

Fancy wedding rings branches



Steampunk wedding ring with a technical flair

Fancy wedding rings steampunk

The ring contains a tiny photo that you can project on a wall

Fancy wedding band projector

Puzzle that arises only from the two rings

Fancy wedding rings puzzle

Voice waves from the partner “I love you”

Fancy wedding rings I love you

Fancy wedding rings made of non-traditional materials

Gold, silver and white gold are not the only beautiful materials from which you can order your wedding rings. Fancy wedding bands are also made of wood, horn, bone, iron meteorite and Damascus steel and they look beautiful.

Iron meteorite from the core of an asteroid

Fancy wedding rings meteorite

Natural unusual wedding rings made of wood, horn, bone

Such wedding rings are particularly natural and contain (depending on the opinion of many) nor the energy of the previously living being in itself. This seems to have a good effect on living together, because such rings are becoming more and more popular. Rosewood, holm oak and acacia are typically preferred because they are not fragmented and easy to work with.

Wood and Opal result in a very peculiar mixture

Fancy wedding rings dark wood

Fancy rosewood wedding rings

Fancy wedding rings wood

Fancy wedding rings redwood

Moose and antler or bones are commonly used for their hardness. Particularly expensive variant, however, is a ring pair from the prehistoric times, which is made of a real dinosaur bone or mammoth ivory. That has already turned out really.

Staghorn is almost white inside

Fancy wedding rings deer

Real dinosaur bones were processed to make this ring pair

Fancy wedding rings dino bone

Even mammoth ivory as a material, even though it is already splintering from old age

Fancy wedding rings mammoth

Cosmic fancy wedding rings made of iron meteorite

Iron meteorite comes, as the name shows, out of space. More precisely from the core of an asteroid. Cosmic objects and jewelery have been made from this for millennia. Nevertheless, it is an extremely rare metal and that agrees with the price. It looks crystallized, almost like shattered ice. Each meteorite contains different metals in different amounts, which mix at high temperatures. That’s why every product looks different and unique.

Meteorite, opal and aquamarine

Fancy wedding rings meteor

Iron meteorite looks crystallized after processing

Fancy wedding rings meteorite

Rose gold and cosmic meteorite

Fancy wedding rings cosmic

Mysterious unusual wedding rings made of Damascus steel

Damascus steel looks very exemplary and is increasingly used for the production of jewelry and metalware. The modern version is created by folding thousands of different dark and light metals during the forging process. The exact manufacturing process of antique Damascus goods is still an inexplicable mystery. The finished product is very different each time because of the many wrinkles and can not be repeated exactly a second time.

The original Damascus steel is still a mystery

Fancy wedding rings damask steel

Totally different every time

Fancy wedding rings damasz

The more wrinkles, the more details

Fancy wedding rings damascus

ConclusionWhether from traditional materials with unusual shapes or common form of unconventional materials, these fancy wedding bands will be durable for ever and as an eternal reminder of your magical wedding serve.

Fancy wedding rings with a beautiful ornament

Fancy wedding rings nice

Totally bizarre

Fancy wedding rings architects

Only for passionate programmers

Fancy wedding rings funny engineer

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