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Are Big Sunglasses for You? 20 Diffrent Big Sunglasses

A trendy pair of oversized sunglasses will make you feel so cool as you keep your eyes protected this summer. Big sunglasses give the perfect finishing touch for all kinds of summer outfits. The right pair of oversized glasses can help you channel the classy elegance of Audrey Hepburn and …

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15 Hottest Square Sunglasses for Women in 2019

Summer is around the corner and it´s time to buy into the latest trend: square sunglasses for the hippest women. We are talking all types here, from thick frames to double rims, gorgeous pieces passed down to us from the ladies from the ‘80s. Square sunglasses are characterized by angular …

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19 Of The Best Jewelry Ideas You Need To Make

19 Of The Best Jewelry Ideas, You Need To Make Jewelry-making is one of those hobbies that can be quite rewarding – once you get the hang of things. There are so many different techniques to learn that you can pick and choose ones that you are comfortable with and …

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22 Easy DIY Bracelets You Can Make In An Hour

22 Easy DIY Bracelets You Can Make In An Hour Fashionistas know that the key to a put together wardrobe are accessories. But let’s face it, if you keep buying accessories, you’ll pretty much end up bankrupt. Which is why it pays to be a little crafty! These easy DIY …

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