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Tatto Design

85+ Best Peony Tattoo Designs & Meanings

The tattoos have been present for thousands of years. Surprisingly, even the mythology surrounding the origin of these tattoos has several versions. There is one legend that shows that peony is derived from the name “Paeon” who was a physician to gods and who received the peony flower on Mount …

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75+ Simple and Easy Pine Tree Tattoo

The tree is hands down one of the most important features on earth: it provides food, oxygen and even shelter. Man has also learned to revere the importance of a tree and it has therefore become very important. Although all trees have significance to life, there are some species which …

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75 Rose and Compass Tattoo Designs & Meanings

Rose and compass tattoos are of those designs that are used to symbolize what we are feeling on the inside. We mostly tattoo ourselves to express graphically our pain, joy, sorrow or purpose in life. We also use tats as a reminder either of our loved one or of our …

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60 Best Lace Tattoo Designs & Meanings

All though it might have been around longer before the 16th century the lace become more popular in the early 16th century. Lace is an openwork fabric design with open holes in the work, and it is made either by hand or by machine. In the early days of its …

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80 Best Behind the Ear Tattoo Designs & Meanings

Teen girls and boys like getting tattoos behind their ears. The tattoos are an amazing art and especially for a first time tattoo. They are less visible and therefore, you will easily get used to wearing tattoos. The tattoos behind the ears form a great beginning in the journey to …

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90 Best Floral Tattoo Designs & Meanings

Flora tattoos have become so common today. Traditionally especially in the Western countries, these tattoos were mainly common among women. However, men have continued to embrace these tattoos day by day. The origin of this type of tattoo can be traced among the Japanese who have high regard for the …

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