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21 Easy Painting Ideas for Your Home Decoration

Sometimes we feel that the walls of the house feel empty and uncomfortable to look at. So that makes us want to add beautiful home decor. Painting becomes one of the beautiful decorations that can fill the wall space. If you only want to display one large painting, then arranging …

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24 Fabulous Bohemian Furniture Ideas

To create a fabulous Bohemian decoration for your home you may think to focus only on the ornament that can really works well to create such an effective Boho decoration. In fact, you should also consider on the furniture because furniture will take the most important part for your any …

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32 Modern Minimalist Laundry Room Designs

If you have a small house, you must be smart in managing each room to be more effective. The right arrangement is the key so that a house becomes more comfortable to live in. This also applies to design a minimalist laundry area in the house. If it is designed …

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8 Tips to Design Your Proper Kitchen

Kitchen could be your next important room after the living room. It even can be said that kitchen is the heart of your house where good and healthy meals are made. Related to that, to have a proper kitchen will be a must for you where you should make an …

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