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Beautiful fingernails from home

Any woman who values ​​her appearance is aware that well-groomed hands have a not inconsiderable share of the overall appearance. Not only are our hands easy to grasp and hold things, they also serve to underscore our verbal communication. In other words, we gesticulate to give more weight to our concerns.

If then the first impression is true, but we get dry and rough hands to welcome, then that is not only unpleasant, but also ruined just this first impression. It gets worse only if the fingernails are torn or simply neglected. Delicate hands, well-formed and painted nails say a lot about the person whose hand we hold!
Where there is a will, there’s a way!
Monthly Nail Studio Visits are not necessarily a must! Pretty fingernails can also be made at home. It takes some time and the will to try and of course the right products! Therefore, please do not be disappointed, if the first attempts are not so perfect … succeed. Everything gets better with the next start – practice makes perfect –

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That the most important thing for delicate hands is, and of course, is hand hygiene and care:
Pay attention to the washing and rinsing agents you use. Especially that they do not attack your skin and regularly use a moisturizing hand cream.
Protect your hands with gloves while cleaning. If you follow these first and simple tips, your hands will stay nice and tender. Beautiful fingernails can be filed in various forms: oval, in almond shape or, for example, Square. There are no limits to your taste and imagination (this year, short, oval fingernails are announced).

To a beautiful nail, includes the care of the cuticle. After a hand bath or even lighter, after the daily shower, you push back the cuticle with a special wooden stick and if it does not work, cuts off the excess cuticle. For this we strongly recommend you to use a cuticle remover. Then apply an extra drop of nourishing nail oil. It will not hurt, on the contrary, it will do your nails so well.

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Perfect nail design from home

A trendy nail polish color and a great design make the hands look even more irresistible. Just search the color for the latest trends and your personal preferences.

To get the best results and a long-lasting nail polish, first use a base coat, then apply the selected nail polish color in two coats (for a rich and even color), followed by the transparent top coat. This seals the nail polish and keeps it fresh longer, while also giving a chic – extra shine.

Very important: If you want to make gel nails at home, then you must necessarily degrease your nails. This works either with regular nail polish remover or a special acetone-containing agent.

Get beautiful hands and fingernails through our tips. Invest a little time in yourself and be “the lady with the beautiful hands”.

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