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70 Bird Cage Decoration ideas that give off romantic nostalgia

Are you looking for a romantic and summery decor for the garden, the balcony or the windowsill? Or maybe you want the decoration for the related wedding or the next one birthday party create your own? With a creative birdcage decoration you will certainly succeed, in an original and trendy way. Deco bird cages or those that are being converted are definitely in fashion for some time now. It is also much nicer if no feathered people are locked away in the cage, but beautiful flowers, old books or candles are arranged. Today we give you numerous decorating ideas with cages, which you can individually and imaginatively implement according to the occasion and your own taste. Let yourself be inspired and give the ambience an extra dose of romantic nostalgia, which looks magical and surprisingly striking.

Enchanting bird cage decoration for a stunning wedding reception

hanging birdcage decoration ideas table decoration

Bird cage decoration for the romantic vintage wedding

Very popular are bird cages when decorating weddings. Especially if it is a vintage or Boho wedding These decorative elements can be integrated excellently into the whole decoration concept. The cages can be beautifully filled with fresh or artificial flowers or simply decorate the outer walls with it.



Pearls, crystals and ribbons on the bars look particularly decorative and give the whole thing even more festive mood. It is advisable when buying your decorative birdcages to make sure that they have larger doors or even better have a roof that can be opened. In the second case, putting down a flower arrangement, for example, is much easier and faster.

Extra tip: When decorating with real flowers, use wet floral foam to keep them fresh longer and look beautiful, and prefer those plants that are a bit more robust – roses, eucalyptus branches, hydrangeas, Succulents, gypsophila, ivy, chrysanthemums, etc.

From a birdcage can be easily create a pretty hampers

wedding decoration birdcage decoration with roses


Beautifully decorated cages are perfect as table numbers at wedding parties

table number idea bird cage decoration

Decorate with it yours Barn wedding in a rustic style

birdcage decoration for wedding celebration



The perfect collection point for wedding wishes

birdcage deco wedding deco greeting cards

Bird cage decoration for home and garden

Many home accessories and decorative items can be crafted from bird cages in an instant. Sustainable upcycling with an extra original touch or simply an imaginative deco idea, according to your wishes and your needs. Above all, you can put together candle lanterns, table and suspension lamps, small shelves and original wall decoration. In addition to the cages themselves, you often need only a few other materials, such as fairy lights, LED lights, paint, candles, pebbles, driftwood, shells, photos, etc.

You can paint the antique deco bird cage casually in white and provide it with a fairy lights

bedside birdcage deco with fairy lights

For some, somewhat more elaborate DIY projects you need a metal saw and sandpaper. Such as for this fancy photo wall at the bottom of the picture. Here, the birdcage was cut in two and provided with large black and white photos. Other vintage items such as an old clock or a fan complete the whole ensemble skillfully.

An imaginative wall decoration idea for real nostalgic fans

photo wall upcycling idea birdcage decoration

With a metal paint in old gold you miss the bird cage decoration a romantic vintage note

birdcage decoration upcycling idea peonies

And how about such a dreamlike wall wardrobe for the nostalgic baby room?

baby room decoration idea birdcage deco

As a candle lantern in the retro bedroom makes a cage as well a good figure

candleholder idea birdcage deco

Loving christmas decoration with bird cages

You can also lovingly decorate birdcages for the most important celebrations, such as Christmas, Easter and even birthdays, and create original eye-catchers. Depending on the desired style, you can work with color and paint the cage in gold, silver or all white and maybe even embellish it with glitter. Christmas balls, garlands and porcelain angels are great decoration accessories, with which you can fill the cages and put them on the table, under the Christmas tree or on the windowsill.

Gorgeous Shabby Chic Christmas Decoration

elegant christmas decoration birdcage decor

Birdcage Christmas decoration in a rustic style

christmas decoration ideas birdcage decoration

Puristic Christmas decoration in white

upcycling jewelry holder birdcage deco

Colorful and shimmering it may be for the festival too

birdcage decoration christmas balls decoration ideas

Just let your creativity run free and conjure up an atmospheric birdcage decoration for any occasion or just to create a romantic atmosphere. We wish you a lot of fun and good luck!

Even more vintage wedding decor ideas

chrysanthemums birdcage deco table decoration

yellow flowers birdcage deco wedding

boho wedding bird cage deco idea

wedding decoration birdcage deco vintage style

birdcage deco vintage trend wedding

Celebrate great birthdays and garden parties

brunch upcycling idea birdcage decoration

bird cage deco summer drinks thirst quencher

party lighting birdcage decoration

vintage birthday party birdcage deco idea

Or just decorate your home out of the ordinary

antique floor lamp upcycling birdcage deco

precipitated birdcage decoration in industrial style

flower box bird cage deco idea

boho style birdcage decor ideas noble flowers birdcage decoration

elegant wedding decoration birdcage decor ideas exotic bird cage decoration idea

fern and petunia birdcage decoration ideas garden decoration birdcage deco flowerpots light bulb vintage birdcage deco candles stones birdcage deco vintage small shelf upcycling idea birdcage decoration

Maritime birdcage deco idea nostalgic lamps birdcage decoration

original hanging lamp upcycling birdcage deco

original upcycling ideas bird cage decoration

original birdcage deco idea

original wall decoration birdcage deco

Easter decoration birdcage decoration small gifts pendant lamp birdcage deco

roses table decoration birdcage deco

Showcase birdcage decoration idea

beautiful chandeliers make themselves as a bird cage decoration

new year wedding table decoration birdcage deco

lace doily birdcage deco

succulent bird cage decoration garden decoration

table decoration light chains bird beetle decoration vintage romantic birdcage deco idea

vintage table decoration birdcage decor with rose and scabbard

vintage birdcage decoration ideas

vintge christmas decoration bird cage deco

birdcage deco flowerpot roses birdcage deco wedding deco ideas with flowers and candle

birdcage deco wedding table decorate with candles

birdcage deco wedding table decoration with roses

birdcage deco idea wedding decoration

birdcage deco idea table decoration wedding

birdcage decoration in living room hanging lamp

birdcage deco affectionate vintage style

birdcage decoration with dominoes and daisies

birdcage decoration with spring branches

birdcage decoration with green plants fern

birdcage decoration with artificial flowers bird cage decoration succulent garden decor

birdcage deko tillandsien arrange birdcage deco vintage ideas with succulents

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