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5 Insanely cheap ideas for your walls

Looking for creative DIY wall art ideas that will not blow your budget? We were too, and we found a lot simple painting ideas, cool wall designs and creative DIY art projects that we simply had to share with you.

Check out these creative and smart projects that offer room decorations for just about everyone – teens, adults, kids, students, even grandparents. Learn how to structure your walls, present your collections with flair, colorful or glow in the dark DIY Wall decoration ideas sweet bedroom ideas for teens, word art and more

27 Cheap DIY wall art ideas we love

These are some of the greatest ideas to make a statement with your walls. Do you have more cool ideas? Please tell us in the comments below.

1. crayons wall art


 DIY Wall Art Ideas - Rainbow Colored Pencil Display

What a great idea! Super easy to do and one of the more creative wall art ideas I’ve seen.

2. Lips of Palette Wall Art


 DIY Wall Art Ideas From The Palettes - Red Lips Wall Decor

Repurposed wooden pallets make great wall art, but if you are a little tired of pallet signs, try these incredibly red painted lips for your wall. If you’re looking for cool space ideas for teens, that would be a great thing.

3. Colorful Honey Crest Wall Art


 DIY Wall Art Ideas - Honeycomb Patterned Tiles for Walls

I just love this modern decor idea … simple, pretty, smart. What else could you ask for? Customize the colors of your choice and assemble your honeycomb pattern to match your wall. Find awesome colors at your local hardware store – it’s time to get creative with all the great colors on the color chips you can never use together. Choose a few that complement and paint each other.

4. Washi Tape Snapshot Frame Wall Art

design sponge

 DIY Wall Art Ideas - Washi Tape Frame for photos

Washi Tape gets a new identity with these clever DIY picture frames. Temporary frames give your wall-mounted photos a much more refined look.

5. Grass wall texture with a simple broom


 DIY Wall Art Ideas - Textured Wall Tutorial with a broom

I have seen this effect on walls and think that it is so beautiful. Who knew you could do that with a broom? Cool, we think! I want that in my bedroom.

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