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36+ Fall 2019 Bags & Purses

Bag lovers, take a look: the fall/ winter 2019-2020 bag trends are here, with a healthy mixture of returning trends, brand new trends, new twists on old trends, and a few trends that clearly carried over to bags from other items on the runway. Our aim is to be comprehensive, so you can rest assured that these are all of the fall 2019 bag trends that you need to know about.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends

The fall 2019 handbags are wonderful and unique, but we noticed that, as a whole, they are less whimsical than the bags from the previous season. Colors and prints are a little more serious, and function is key.

Bags that account for people’s need to have their hands free are as practical as can be. That’s not to say it is all dour utilitarianism: fuzzy bags, oddly shaped bags, and tiny bags account for some of the more artistic fall/ winter 2019 handbag trends. Handbags in prints and materials that perfectly match the popular garments of the season, like animal prints, houndstooth, check, and exotic leather will certainly be an easy sell.

There is also a sense of comfort that a few of the fall/ winter 2019 handbag trends exude, with soft and quilted bags, as well as slouchy bags, being extremely popular. Which of these fall 2019 handbags do you like best?

#1. Double Bagging

Maybe it’s because labels are releasing more bags than ever before, and they haven’t found a better way to present them somehow, or may be the reason is more creative: today’s modern woman is so busy, so rather than carrying just one bag she actually needs two! More bags does mean more compartments, and we appreciate that this style is more versatile than carrying just one large bag, so despite a bit of initial skepticism, this is one of our approved fall/ winter 2019 handbag trends.

At Off-White, one medium-sized handbag was fitted with a second identical but smaller handbag. The two blue and white bags were attached at the handle with a small loop that could be unclasped for when one only needs one bag.

Both at Tod’s and Ulla Johnson, the decision was to showcase duffel bags fitted with matching smaller handbags – a perfect day-to-night combination for which we can think of many uses. At Tod’s the duffel was black with a matching white purse, while at Ulla Johnson it was all about almond croc skin leather. We also saw double bagging at Givenchy, Miu Miu, and Fendi.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Double Bags/ Purses

#2. Bag Fuzz

Shearling and fur were key fall 2019 fashion trends this season, including for the fall 2019 bags. While your furry purse might not keep you physically warm, just looking at it is guaranteed to give you the warm fuzzies! We prefer cruelty-free shearling and faux fur options, of which there were many on the runways.

From Boss we saw a perfectly elegant shearling bag. The beige handbag was square, with a leather flap and shearling-covered body, with a golden clasp for extra glam.

We saw a fuzzy twist on the classic Chanel bag. The black patent leather bag was covered in a shearling trim, with a fuzzy take on the CC logo as well. As is mandatory, it came with the twisted chain over leather strap as well.

For a larger take on the fuzzy handbag we have the duffel we saw at Tod’s. It was an all-black faux fur bag with some leopard print detailing. It was so fuzzy that we’re sure carrying it would feel like having a quiet, clean, and utilitarian version of your dog with you 24-7!

For a dramatic effect, an oversized clutch at Chloé was one of our favorite items. It was absolutely covered in long, bright purple fur, reminding us of a creature from Monsters, Inc.

Other labels to present fall 2019 runway bags with fuzz included Fendi, Prada, Max Mara, Staud, and Off-White.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Fur Bags/ Purses

#3. Mini Bag Comeback

Ever since designers started presenting trendy micro handbags they just couldn’t stop, so we’ve seen these once again for the fall/ winter 2019-2020 bag trends. The truly micro-sized bags usually come attached to larger handbags, as they are the perfect size for carrying coins and other tiny oddities, while mini bags are often hung on a strap that can be worn as a necklace or cross-body, which are ideal for carrying a few cards and a bit of cash at most.

The tiniest of tiny bags came from Jacquemus. It was made of white snakeskin and shaped like a traditional flap handbag, but it was big enough to carry… two quarters at most. Maybe a single folded bill. Cute, but not functional.

From Lanvin we saw a flat leather mini bag with a cross-shoulder strap, perfect for carrying cards and cash, and fitting into a more boho-chic casual look. From Carolina Herrera we saw a series of small, flask-shaped bags that added a delicate touch to every outfit.

It’s never a question of whether Dolce & Gabbana will present unusual handbags – we know they will. Every season, fashion writers cannot wait to see the new and exciting objects the designers will choose as the inspiration for their purses. This time it was micro bags that really drew our attention. They were shaped like little cylinders, fit for carrying exactly one lipstick and nothing more.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Alexander McQueen, and Givenchy also presented some unique miniature bags.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Mini Bags/ Purses

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Mini Bags/ Purses

#4. Snakeskin Leather Bags

We saw it in the fall 2019 print trends, in fall 2019 shoes, and also in the fall 2019 purse trends – snakeskin might be the biggest fall hit. It’s as versatile as simple leather, but a bit more interesting and definitely more luxurious. It also happens to work super well with the ‘70s comeback that’s going to be all the rage in the autumn. It’ll take too long to list all the snakeskin handbag options on offer, but we’ll talk about a few notable ones.

Snakeskin was lovely as just an accent at Proenza Schouler, giving a touch of brightness and texture to handbags that were primarily constructed of shiny black leather. Bags totally covered in an orange snakeskin were also quite fetching.

For a subtler option, Tory Burch presented a small black and white snakeskin purse decorated with a touch of gold hardware. Small saddlebags covered in dark snakeskin were another nice option, especially for carrying in the evenings. Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Michael Kors, and Lanvin also presented excellent snakeskin purse options.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Snakeskin Bags/ Purses

#5. Crocodile-Embossed Leather

Croc skin is quite similar to snakeskin, but with larger scales and a more raw, wild vibe. If that’s what you’re into, then you will surely love the croc skin-embossed fall 2019 handbags. Nothing is as fashionable as taking one of the scariest animals on the planet and turning it into an accessory.

Tyrian purple croc skin at Givenchy really made our eyes pop. The rich, royal color made the croc skin luxury bags appear even more sophisticated, although we also loved the pattern on the belt bags.

At Max Mara, croc-embossed bags also played to other fall 2019 bag trends, with leather belt bags, totes, and chain-strap bags all embossed with a textured crocodile skin pattern. Other labels that played around with croc-embossing for their fall 2019 runway bags and purses included Rebecca Minkoff, Zimmermann, Ulla Johnson, and Bottega Veneta.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Croc Skin Leather Bags/ Purses

#6. Minimalist Bags

While this season might be heavy on prints and embellishments, there were also quite a few labels that either shifted to minimalism, or added some restrained options in collections that were otherwise quite extreme. If you’re the quiet sort, you will likely appreciate the minimalist fall 2019 bags.

There was a lot going on with the bags at Prada, so simple bags in square shapes made of soft leather and only embellished with the smallest piece of brand hardware were an opportunity to rest the eyes briefly.

Victoria Beckham has been making a name for herself making simple but extremely wearable garments, so the bags were just as minimalistic yet utilitarian. Bags in different sizes were made of clean leather in a variety of colors, and the branding was as minimal as could be.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Minimalist Bags/ Purses

#7. Patched Together

Just like in clothes, so also in purses. Patchwork fabrics and prints were all over the runways, so patchwork also became one of the fall 2019 purse trends. A patchwork effect lends purses an undone vibe that can be very punk or simply avant-garde.

Our first example, however, is quite elegant. A blue handbag at Michael Kors was made of a patchwork pattern consisting of black leather and different kinds of blue or gray snakeskin panels, stitched together in a diamond pattern.

Patchwork purses from Coach came in a few sizes, and were made of patches of leather covered in different floral prints. You cannot go wrong with a Coach purse, guaranteed to be a high-quality, trendy option that doesn’t break the bank.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Patchwork Bags/ Purses

#8. Boxes and Cubes

Every season the fashion designers find new ways to think outside the traditional purse shapes, and cubes are one of the main unusual shapes for the fall 2019 bag trends.

For a slightly retro take on cube handbags, we really adored an embroidered purse at Oscar de la Renta. The bag was a perfect cube with a big latch. Each panel was a different color and covered in delicate floral embroidery.

For those who are truly daring, a clear cube from Brandon Maxwell might be a great fit. The gold-lined handbag was totally see-through – not so much a purse as a presentation box that shows off everything you carry.

A cube bag at Roksanda reminded us of a Chinese takeout container but in the most elegant way imaginable. The bag was made of beige leather, with small straps for hand-carrying. The cube shape was as simple as can be, with a long flap closure and golden accents. Eudon Choi and Etro also presented some unique box and cube bags.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Box Bags/ Purses

#9. Extra Unique Shapes

While the cube was the main strange bag shape for the fall/ winter 2019 handbag trends, there were a few even odder runways bags that we spotted. A triangle or amoeba-shaped bag is a great way of presenting your individuality, so check out what designers had in mind.

Describing the shapes of bags at Simone Rocha is a little difficult, but let’s start with the fact that they were extremely sensual. One of our favorite handbags was a simple black with a pearl decoration, and a shape that included a rounded top and then two curved parts to the bottom, like a curvy baguette bag.

At House of Holland, colorful croc-embossed bags had a fun semi-circle shape, so they looked like cut watermelons. For a small, solid evening-purse option, consider the diamond-shaped silver purse from Paco Rabanne, which reminded us of a glamorous 10-sided D&D dice.

A larger geometric option showed up at Bottega Veneta in the form of a triangular leather bag carried by a handle stuck in the center of the flat top. We also saw some wacky shapes for fall 2019 bags at Staud, and Jil Sander.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Unique Bags/ Purses

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Unique Bags/ Purses

#10. Accordion Bags

Think of accordion bags as a subcategory of the unique shape trend. A bit of folding is the trick to creating fall 2019 bags that look a bit like accordions. Even in traditional colors, these bags are quite playful and fun.

At Jil Sander, one of the bags sported accordion folds along the side, which actually seemed quite useful for a woman who must carry around a lot of documents. We imagine this could be a lucky lawyer’s favorite bag in the coming season.

A small accordion handbag at Gabriela Hearst seemed less useful but super cute, with its rounded plastic handle and orange decoration. Lastly, the most dramatic was a medium-sized accordion bag at Y/Project, which had white straps threaded through its side to maintain the structure.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Accordion Bags/ Purses

#11. Belt Bags

Hands-free bags are here to stay! We saw a lot of belt bags last season, and we’re happy to see them again for the fall 2019 bag trends. Like the more mature and sophisticated cousin of the fanny pack, the belt bag is a gorgeous choice for anyone on the go.

For something super subtle we can thank Dior, where an envelope bag-style pouch was well hidden on a large, waist-cinching belt. It was as flattering and versatile as could be, with the belt itself made of shiny black leather and decorated with a dangly golden D-logo hardware.

For something a little more colorful and conspicuous, we loved the belt bags from Emilio Pucci! Two little bags were attached to a pink leather belt, and appeared to be removable. The bags themselves were colorful as well, with ‘60s-inspired print as an accent on the sides.

Those who look for versatility will love the belt bags from Roberto Cavalli. A medium-sized, classy-looking flap bag was attached to an elegant black belt, but we suspect that the belt could be easily detached and a regular strap could be attached in its stead for traditional carrying.

Fendi, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Chanel and many others also gave us some great takes on belt bags for fall 2019!

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Belt Bags/ Purses

#12. Hands-Free Bags

Whether it is a question of practicality or individuality, it is clear that designers went out of their way to showcase new and unique ideas of what a bag should be. Unconventional ways of having bags “carried” were one of our favorite fall/ winter 2019-2020 bag trends that went beyond the ubiquitous belt bags.

Bags as a scarf (or maybe vest) at Max Mara really stood out to us. The two large envelope-style pockets were situated on the ends of the fabric draped over the shoulders, turning the scarf as a whole into its own kind of purse.

At Prada, it was all about a “tactical vibe” that fit in with the overall collection’s military themes. Bags were attached to small straps and wrapped around heavy combat boots, giving us the most punk rock way of carrying things around.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Hands-Free Bags/ Purses

#13. Round Bags

Round bags always come back in style, and yet they always stand out when carried. These smaller bags are fun, unique, and perfect for a night out – they certainly won’t hold enough for a longer excursion. The round fall 2019 bags were more restrained than what we’ve seen in previous years, and they often showcased other seasonal trends.

If your goal is to be as on-trend as possible then a Marc Jacobs bag is the way to go. Fuzzy leopard print decorated the small, round handbag we saw on his runway.

Michael Kors presented a few restrained round bag options made of black leather and covered in a print of the number 54 as a way of proclaiming the show’s ‘70s Studio 54 inspiration. The straps were of the cross-body variety, to make up for the fact that the bags couldn’t stand up on their own if put on the ground.

At Rebecca Minkoff, circular bags in bright colors were combined with more traditional bag shapes, presenting both this trend and the double-carry bag trend.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Round Bags/ Purses

#14. Slouchy Bags

Slouchy bags run the risk of looking frumpy, but a great way to get around that is to choose a slouchy bag made of high-quality leather. The slouchy fall 2019 bags were primarily carried under the arm, which is what we’d advise you to do if you’d like to echo the runway.

At 3.1 Phillip Lim, we were presented with the perfect slouchy leather tote in a lighter tan color perfect for daytime use. It had a unique triangular shape that we thought added nice interest.

For something totally different, Zadig + Voltaire bags combined some trends and made the coolest slouchy bags possible. Covered in brightly colored, animal-print fuzz, the slouchy bags had multiple compartments and thick leather straps that gave them a bit of structure.

If you’d prefer something a bit more feminine, floral printed slouchy bags at Simone Rocha were super lovely. We also saw more slouchy bags at the runway shows of Marni, The Row, and Lacoste.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Slouchy Bags/ Purses

#15. Purses Under Cover

Just because it’s a purse doesn’t mean it’s gotta look like a purse. The fall 2019 handbags came in all shapes, including the shapes of other items, and sometimes even flying under the radar at the autumn fashion shows themselves.

At the dog show-themed Lela Rose show, clutches crafted to look like score cards were given to the models acting as judges, along with some pens for writing notes and scores, of course. For something extra cute and also pet-themed, we were happy to see the return of the dog bags at Thom Browne!

For something truly outrageous, a clutch at Moschino decorated to look like a large US dollar bill definitely fit the bill (pun intended), as did a large golden bag made to look like a store till.

Lastly, we had the totes at Balenciaga designed to seem like the paper bags given out at organic food stores – the perfect example of a label taking the most mundane item and making it a luxury. There were quite a few little evening bags at Chanel shaped to look like gondola-style ski lifts, a perfect accompaniment to the winter vacation-themed runway.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Undercover Bags/ Purses

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Undercover Bags/ Purses

#16. Chain Straps

A purse with a chain strap is a timeless thing, which is why it is not surprising that there were so many fall 2019 bags with shiny, glamorous chain straps and handles.

A Chanel bag without the iconic chain strap wrapped around leather would be a hard sell, so naturally they showed up on the runway. The iconic Boy bag and the 2.55 both made an appearance, with their chain straps and some wintery augmentations.

We could trust the Alexander McQueen runway to deliver a badass take on chain straps. An abundance of bulky chain straps was used to keep bags closer to the body, as they went across the body and also attached to the belt.

There was also an abundance on chains on bags at Tom Ford, both for the strap and for the handle – when worn cross-body, the chain handles made for a lovely embellishment. We also saw chain strap fall 2019 purses at Cushnie, Tibi, Michael Kors, and many others.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Chain Strap Bags/ Purses

#17. Three-Dimensional Florals

We cannot think of a more romantic way to add texture to the bag than with a three-dimensional flower appliqué. While flower prints certainly decorated some of the fall 2019 bags, we found the flower appliqués much more interesting.

Simple satin Prada bags and totes were decorated with a unique floral appliqué made to resemble a bouquet. The flowers and stems were crafted from rolled fabric and attached to the sides of the bags. The 3D flowers at Oscar de la Renta were romantic roses that were attached over the clasp of the flap-closure bags.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: 3D Flower Embellished Bags/ Purses

#18. Coin Purse

Whether left small to fit in with the mini bag trend of the season, or made slightly larger in order to actually be useful, coin purses, often with a kiss-lock clasp, became one of the fun little fall/ winter 2019 handbag trends that looked cute and non-polarizing.

For those of you in their late 20s or early 30s, the ‘90s revival also means the revival of some of our childhood items, with a shiny plastic coin purse with a handle from Vivienne Westwood being particularly reminiscent of a bag I owned at the age of 5.

For something about more mature, Victoria Beckham presented little coin purse clutches made of leather in light blue or soft yellow with delicate silver frames. At Erdem, elongated coin purses covered in delicate beadwork with chain straps were worn like necklaces, and were certainly pretty enough to act as jewelry.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Coin Purses

#19. Bucket Bags

Thanks to Mansur Gavriel (who unfortunately hadn’t presented a fall 2019 collection), the bucket bag has had a huge comeback, with the design going strong for the fall 2019 bag trends. Bucket bags are bags that are very slightly longer than they are wide, with quite a lot of depth. They will often have a drawstring fastening, but they can also be closed with a clasp or a buckle – never a zipper. By default, they tend to be either boho chic or sporty, but that can certainly be changed up.

If you prefer that original, slightly sporty feel that bucket bags have, then Lacoste leather bags with a thick strap might be more up your alley. They were on the larger side, absolutely perfect for carrying around day to day.

Can a bucket bag make for a glamorous evening handbag? Chiara Boni proved that the answer is yes, by presenting a dark blue suede bucket bag with a delicate gold-chain handle that was exactly the right size for a woman who doesn’t need to carry much.

Lastly, for a classic, Chanel bucket bags, which happen to be super versatile thanks to the way the chain strap is also part of the drawstring, were made winter-appropriate with a layer of shearling.

We also saw some bucket bags on the runway of Ulla Johnson, paired with circular bags to showcase the multi-bag trend, as well. At Adeam, bucket bags had a squared off, solid bottom, which added a unique balance to the slouchier top.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Bucket Bags/ Purses

#20. Two-Toned Bags

Two-toned dresses and jackets were all over the runways, so why not two toned bags for the fall 2019 bag trends? Designers found all kinds of clever ways to combine large panels of two different colors, making for some interesting creations.

For a sleek yet striking combination, Tory Burch presented a half white, half red bag. The bags were made of strips of leather that were running vertically on the red side and horizontally on the white side. A two-toned red and white doctor bag also showed up at Gucci, albeit with a snakeskin leather pattern.

A red and orange dual-toned handbag showed up at Burberry, with a traditional chain handle giving it potential to become a classic. At Kate Spade, a lovely little handbag with a small rounded handle was half light pink and half darker pink, with the Kate Spade logo hardware showing the same color split the opposite way.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Two-Toned Bags/ Purses

#21. Fierce Fringe

The movement fringe has is something that can be appreciated viscerally. As fringe sways it attracts the eye, and makes the carrier feel a little bigger and more present. We certainly liked fringe as one of the more joyful fall 2019 purse trends.

Claudia Li presented a larger fringe-trimmed bag. This lively crocheted bag was covered in stripes of light blue and yellow, with a sporty cord fringed dangling below.

A blingy twist on fringe bags showed up on the Paco Rabanne runway, in the form of a slightly elongated coin purse with a snap clasp enclosure, and a long bejeweled fringe hanging along the bottom. Just as blingy but a little more playful was a clear barrel bag at Area that was dripping with a multi-colored jewel-covered fringe.

Just as glamorous but less blingy were all of the bags at Peter Pilotto. The bags were lined with all manner of fringe, including feathers and soft twisted yarn. Lastly, from Altuzarra we had a draped bag lined with shiny fringe along the bottom, to match a glamorous golden outfit.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Fringed Bags/ Purses

#22. Good as a Gold Bag

A bag can say a lot about a person, and if you want your bag to scream “opulence” and “glamour”, then gold is your best option. Gold was the go-to fall 2019 color on the runways for luxury this season, and it was also used copiously for the fall 2019 runway bags.

Solid clutches as well as handbags at Dolce & Gabbana were made of a gold-colored material and covered in jewels – like the shiniest tiara, but in the form of a bag. Other runways where we saw stunning gold purses included Altuzarra, Moschino, and more.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Gold Bags/ Purses

#23. Under Lock and Key

Just a little detail, or a sign of paranoia? It’s up to you to decide what the locks we’ve seen on fall 2019 handbags mean (and just how useful they are) – they certainly make for a nice little hardware detail! For most of us, chances are one of those bags would be more valuable than whatever we’d keep inside it!

The little padlocks on black Chloé handbags added a golden touch, and made for an interesting way of displaying the brand logo. At Oscar de la Renta, some of the bags were protected with large, vertical latch locks in a gold tone, while at J.W. Anderson we saw a smaller take on the gold latch lock.

Lastly, we really liked the locks that showed up on Brandon Maxwell bags. Instead of requiring a key, these were retro-looking combination locks that added a really interesting touch to already unique bags.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Padlock-Embellished Bags/ Purses

#24. Bling and Shine

We love a glamorous little evening bag, and the more bling it’s covered in, the better. If you don’t spend too much time worrying whether something is “too much” or in “good taste” then you will find some bejeweled fall 2019 bags that are truly extra.

Let’s start with Moschino, where Jeremy Scott attempted to rival Dolce & Gabbana with the level of bling his bags had. From golden circle bags to satin purses covered in jewel, every bag shined… literally. Speaking of Dolce & Gabbana, their gold and colorful jewel combo was as classic as ever with all manner of purses and clutches blinding us with their opulent shine.

For a silvery take on blinged-out bags we have jeweled fringe bags that showed up both at Paco Rabanne and Attico. We’ve already mentioned the Rabanne bag, but the Attico bag was especially lovely as it combined the drama of a jeweled fringe with the quaintness of a coin purse design.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Blingy Bags/ Purses

#25. Pillowy Quilted Bags

We need to be insulated during winter, which is why puffy quilted coats have been so trendy. Do our phone and wallet need the same protection? Probably not, but there is certainly something extra cozy about the quilted fall 2019 handbags.

Pillowy pouches at Dries Van Noten were as soft and luxurious as can be. They were made of brightly colored satin sewn in a vertical-stripe quilt pattern. Off-White presented bags made to match your puffer coat! Made of puffy waterproof material, these medium-sized totes make for the perfect snow day handbag.

We also saw some puffy takes on quilted bags at Maison Margiela, and Chanel.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Pillow Bags/ Purses

#26. Quilted Leather Bags

While a quilt can be soft and cozy, it becomes something totally different when the quilted material is leather. Quilted leather is heavily associated with luxury bags, with brands like Gucci and Chanel producing purses that have become real investments, with a high resale value. While we haven’t seen much in the way of quilted leather from the brands we’d expect it from, it did show up on a lot of other runways.

First off, there were the quilted leather bags at Tibi. Whether in black or bright red, a traditional purse design and chain strap ensured that these would be classics instantly.

For fall 2019 the quilted bags at Bottega Veneta were extra plush, giving a nice change to the style. At Fendi, we saw a patent take on the quilted leather bag, with a super shiny finish in a deep green shade.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Quilted Bags/ Purses

#27. I Need a Doctor… Bag

If you prefer a larger bag for day to day, and if you also categorize your style as “old school cool” then your favorite of the fall/ winter 2019-2020 bag trends will likely be the doctor bag. Doctor bags are flat-bottomed bags meant to be hand-held, with a collapsible metal frame.

The first one we saw from Fendi was as classic as can be. It was made of slightly cloudy black leather, with a golden handle that was connected to the frame. The vibe was just as sober at Marni, where a large doctor bag was made of croc-embossed black leather with gunmetal gray detailing.

At Giambattista Valli, we saw a more updated take on the doctor bag, our favorite coming in a dark merlot red tone, with leather straps for the handle and some metal embellishments along the frame. The design was named the ‘Flore’, which Valli presented this season in all sizes and colors.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Doctor Bags/ Purses

#28. Check Out the Checked Bags

The check pattern is as old school as can be, and a choice for bags that isn’t extreme – nope, it’s appropriate for every occasion, and it won’t raise any eyebrows. Much like with prints, checks also became one of the fall/ winter 2019-2020 bag trends.

Quite a few checked bags were presented at Louis Vuitton, including one made to look like a miniature hand-held suitcase and one slightly slouchy flap bag with a chain strap. At Dior, models carried checked bags of all kinds, including traditional purses, totes, and more, to go with all of the checked items they were wearing, since this was one of the most ubiquitous prints in the collection.

The most interesting checked-print bag was at Off-White, where the optical-illusion style take on check print matched with blouses from the collection.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Checked Bags/ Purses

#29. Toting Around

You may scoff at the notion of a high-fashion tote bag, but I think I can make a case for these being part of the fall/ winter 2019 handbag trends. Tote bags are practical and they get a lot of use – for shopping, vacations, and just anytime you need to carry around more than a regular purse will allow.

If you’re getting so much use out of something, you don’t want it to be flimsy or mundane, and what better way to interject your life with a bit of specialness than by having the most mundane bag be extra special? For maximum elegance, Jil Sander presented a sleek black tote bag, although for something a bit more interesting you might prefer a white fabric tote with a feather print at the side.

At Tom Ford, we were presented with a workhorse of a tote bag – made of brown suede, it also boasted some side pockets for carrying smaller items. Lastly, we have the logo-covered tote at Salvatore Ferragamo that was reinforced with stripes of leather to guarantee longevity.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Tote Bags/ Purses

#30. Houndstooth Handbags

If you’re thinking of picking up one of the houndstooth-covered trousers or jackets from the autumn runway, you could certainly find a bag to match it, since the houndstooth print was one of the fall 2019 purse trends.

There was plenty of houndstooth on the Chanel runway, so of course it also made its way on to the fall 2019 bags! A slouchy tweed bag covered in the print was carried by a model wearing a suit to match.

On the Oscar de la Renta runway a houndstooth-covered purse was a touch more interesting, since the pattern itself also included a stripe of red, while the bag was embellished with a large floral appliqué. And next for something completely different: Area presented a circular basket bag with a rounded leather handle that was covered in the stylish print.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Houndstooth Bags/ Purses

#31. Tiger Stripes and Leopard Spots

Animal prints were everywhere for fall 2019, that’s for sure! You might be taking inspiration from this season to craft an all-leopard and tiger wardrobe, in which case one of these fall 2019 bags is a must, or perhaps you’re actually a little nervous about these dramatic prints, in which case a leopard or tiger print handbag would be the perfect way to ease yourself in.

You can’t get classier than Khaite, who presented an elegant little crossbody bag with a flat, rectangular construction covered in a subtle tiger print. For a more traditional handbag shape, Michael Kors presented a medium-sized purse with a slightly more conspicuous tiger pattern.

This season at Brandon Maxwell leopard print was used as a way of cleverly hiding branding. The leopard spots on a puffy handbag were actually undercover B’s. Other brands to present leopard and tiger-print fall 2019 handbags included Tory Burch, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Kate Spade, Zadig + Voltaire, and more.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Animal Print Bags/ Purses

#32. Pointed Hobo Bag

While slouchy bags were everywhere this season, hobo bags in particular were eschewed in favor of totes. The one exception, however, was hobo bags with a little bit of extra material on the sides, so when they were carried they appeared… pointed, for lack of a better description.

The first example is a white shearling-covered bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim. The zipper portion of the bag was lined with brown leather, and extended past the handles to droop down a bit and make for a more interesting shape.

At Altuzarra, the extra material that drooped and pointed was actually parallel with the handles, and the reason it landed in that interesting pointed shape was because the straps started quite low on the bag and ended up folding it slightly. This was the effect on almost all of the bags in the collection, from the smallest to the largest.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Hobo Bags/ Purses

#33. Crystal Clear Bags

The see-through clear bags from last season had a beachy feel, with a lot of clear totes made of plastic. The clear fall 2019 bags were a little different – they were meant to be presentational, drawing attention to all the objects the person carrying the bag has, the way a clear box in a museum presents precious artifacts.

Clear square bags at Brandon Maxwell are the clearest example of that. Whether shaped like a briefcase or a box, the solid clear bags had golden detailing that exuded bourgeois excess.

Both at Christopher Kane and Area, clear bags were made of PVC rather than a solid material, but they were still glamorous. The jelly bags at Christopher Kane came tinted in a variety of colors, and had crystal detailing, while the clear bags at Area, which came in a vast variety of shapes and sizes, were decorated either with silver detailing or with a jeweled fringe.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Clear Bags/ Purses

#34. Autumnal Suede Bags

Suede, the soft and fuzzy leather underside, is a perfect autumnal material since it exudes warmth and coziness. This material also fits in well with the ‘70s theme of many of the runways, and as a result it has become a winning material for the fall 2019 bags.

Earth tones and simple designs were exactly the right way to craft suede bags at Tory Burch, as the simple, raw aesthetic fit in well with the rest of the collection. Even on the more modern bags suede was used for a few of the panels to add some texture.

A muted red suede purse at Gucci was a delicate, understated offering. The handbag was on the smaller side, in a more solid shape with a flap closure, and a small gold Gucci hardware for a touch of glamour.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Suede Bags/ Purses

#35. Barrel Bags

The barrel bag is a sort of duffel bag that makes for some extremely elegant traveling. The cylindrical shape has a down-to-earth yet put-together vibe that we love combined with an understated, gender-neutral look.

There were quite a few barrel bags on the Miu Miu runway, primarily in subdued neutrals with leather detailing that gave them a classy, timeless vibe. Barrel bags at Rejina Pyo had a quainter vibe, since they were made of printed fabric, with the handles being fully attached to the bag at the sides as part of that same fabric. Tied off in a bow, it was a cross between a traveler’s bag and a picnic set-up.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Barrel Bags/ Purses

#36. Blinding Neon Bags

Neon accessories for fall 2019 ruled this season, with neon bags being part of the fall 2019 purse trends. Attention-grabbing, daring, and playful, these bags are made for the truly fearless.

Most easily noticeable was a large, furry handbag in hot pink at Balenciaga – as ostentatious as can be. There were plenty of fuzzy neon bags at Off-White as well, in shades like bright orange, vivid blue, loud green, and more.

Both satin and furry bags at Dries Van Noten were constructed in neon shades like orange and green, with a color-shifting effect that was particularly unique. For something a bit more traditional, Marni presented leather handbags in bright colors like pink and magenta.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends: Neon Bags/ Purses

Photos via Vogue, Livingly

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