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30 particularly elegant wedding cake ideas – 2018

Wedding cakes are in the center of many celebrations. They have a very important symbolic and decorative function. The overall impression of the organization is largely related to them. So that’s not a detail that can be easily selected. If you start preparing for a wedding now, the cake could be a good place to start. Here are some particularly stylish ideas for that.

Blue wedding cake with naturalistic decoration would be a modern choice

blue wedding cakes with floral decoration

Royal shades for wedding cakes

Wedding Cakes do not necessarily have to be white! Bring royal splendor to your celebration with matching shades such as blue, purple and purple, Emphasize the charm of this culinary work of art by contrasting decoration. What do you think of a blue cake with flowers in different soft shades?



The decoration can be real sometimes! The naturalistic style is currently very popular.

Wedding cakes in black are becoming more popular

dark shaded wedding cakes


Black wedding cake is a good idea!

Black wedding cakes are a perfect match for monochrome and minimalist festive decorations. These are more and more often selected before all other alternatives. Incidentally, this is an invigorating provocation and at the same time a great decorative accent. Usually the black pies are combined with contrasting decoration either in white or in modern garish shades. black and gold together make a particularly effective combination.

Vintage will also make your wedding cake look very stylish

blue white wedding cakes with flowers

A matching cake for your vintage wedding

Do you feel attracted by the idea of ​​a vintage wedding? If so, then you certainly insist that all details be executed in this style. We have good news for you! There are so many wedding cakes in vintage style. We also included some of these in our current article. Hopefully you will find something for yourself!

In gold, the wedding cake will appear like a jewel

wedding cakes in white and gold



A wedding cake in the color of your dress

You and the beautiful wedding cake! Such a great dream idea, right? The modern gastronomy has many different possibilities and that also affects the varied shades. The color of the wedding cake on the next picture example would actually be a wonderful idea for a wedding dress. Why can not both be equal! That would be a stylish idea, right?

This color combination would be suitable for a wedding dress, do not you think?

wedding cakes beautiful and subtle decoration

The wedding cake is associated with one of the most important moments of the wedding celebration. Choose these as a jewel that best suits your style and personality. The stylish appearance in the context of modern trends usually means to put on great contrasts and a very modern or retro style. Elegant and noble and with a few superfluous details – that’s what the celebration should actually look like.

Another proof that black wedding cake could be gorgeous

wedding cakes in noble black

Wedding cakes are an important part of the decoration at the wedding reception

Wedding cakes in great pink and red shades

The pink and blue color brings a lot of elegance

Wedding cakes in two vintage colors

The wedding cake should be best in line with the rest of the decoration!

wedding cakes with subtle touches

Some stylish wedding cakes are like a work of art

Wedding cakes with fruitful touches

This wedding cake could be yours for the complete festive
Inspire decoration

wedding cakes with golden and other great decoration

wedding cakes with pink elegance

Wedding cakes pink and purple colors

wedding cakes white with green

This is what your elegant rustic cake might look like!

wedding cakes white and blue

wedding cakes white and dots

wedding cakes like jewels

small elegant wedding cakes

The elegance fits even when you celebrate in nature!

rural wedding cakes inspiration

original ideas for wedding cakes

romantic wedding cakes with flowers

rustic flair wedding cakes

Black, white and gold would be another great color combination!

black white and gold wedding cakes

black and elegant wedding cakes

bright white wedding cakes

The classic style, free of superfluous details, always fits well!

white wedding cakes with pink decoration

white wedding cakes great appealing decoration

white classic wedding cakes

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