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30 ideas on how to make a great nail design yourself

The nail design is constantly evolving and the tendencies are changing intensely. However, the beautiful manicure remains a popular accessory for women. Of course, the nail design is influenced by the seasons and so every season different trends can be observed. Now, when spring is on the threshold, we want to draw your attention to matching colors and motifs. We’ll show you some great ideas on how to make your own nail design and style it in cheerful colors. Because the spring nails are very special and really impressive!

Warm colors and floral patterns are trendy and fresh

nail design yourself making red nail polish flower pattern spring

Make a wide range of colors and multi-faceted patterns and motifs for nail design itself

The neat look of the nails is a must in every season. Of course, the spring nails are no exception. In principle, the spring manicure is fresh and funny. Spring is the perfect time to make fingernails a bit more courageous.

Try something eye-catching! With nail polish pens and thin nail polish brushes you can create abstract patterns. Colorful color combinations are definitely a trend! Geometric patterns are particularly popular here.

The color contrasts are allowed in spring!

nail design make yourself geometric design spring


Geometric pattern captivates all eyes

nail design itself make geometric figures fresh colors spring manicure

Bright, cheerful shades are in fashion every spring at spring time. Intimate colors are not really eye-catching, but neutral colors are suitable for festive occasions. However, you have the opportunity to design your nails in a multi-facetted color palette. Girlish, tender and romantic can spring nails look, you can also jump in the eye! Light or playful, bright shades or bright colors: what is important to you?

This is how spring nails can look quite simple …

nail design itself make beautiful golden accent stripes spring



… but also very noticeable!

nail design itself make colorful ideas spring

There are nails that best express springtime

Some color combinations are quite typical of spring. To print the beauty of the spring flowers on the nails is a good solution for the manicure. But the detailed flower patterns require a lot of effort in most cases … Nail art design with radiant rhinestones are also very popular in spring. But if you’re looking for something eye-catching and unusual, then you can color each finger in a different color. The Ombre look remains a classic and nails in the full-cover look draw attention to everyone. You want to attract attention? Then combine classic white French nail design with matching ornaments, such as floral motifs. Stamping is also popular and enjoys great popularity. Glitter accents, glass effects, 3D painting … you have so many ideas at your disposal!

Very subtle, but so impressive!

nail design yourself make 3d nail art ideas spring

All spring colors are suitable for spring nails

nail design make yourself blue nail polish flower

On the fresh nails you suddenly realize that spring is coming! So keep up with the trends and make sure you have a nice spring manicure!

Pastel colors and crass accents

nail design make yourself colorful 3d spring

The whole color palette on the finger bring …

nail design itself make colorful spring

Female, fresh and atmospheric

nail design itself make fresh colors spring

nail design make flower motif romantic female

nail design itself make fresh ideas geometric figures

nail design itself make fresh manicure spring

Geometric nail design in contrasting colors

nail design make yourself fresh pattern geometric spring

Nail design itself make spring floral motifs

nail design itself make spring ideas neutral colors geometric

Nail design itself make spring stylishly combine colors

The pinks are so romantic …

nail design itself make spring ideas rosanuancen

nail design yourself making flower pattern spring

Nail design itself make spring stripes pattern

nail design yourself making early manicure ideas abstract pattern

Spice up the nail polish!

nail design itself make geometric colorful spring

nail design make yourself cold blues floral pattern flowers

nail design itself make rosy nuances accent spring

nail design itself make red nails dots spring

Fingernails in light pink look girlish and well-groomed

nail design itself make simple design light pink spring

Design yourself make spring colored dots

nail design itself make spring beautiful colors fresh

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