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25+ Awesome Christmas Presents For An 18 Month Old

What Are The Best Christmas Presents For An 18 Month Old?

I have created one of the best lists of Christmas presents for an 18 month old, especially if they are really active like mine is. (oh boy is he active).

I’m a mom of 4 so I’ve basically owned every toddler toy possible at this point and I got some goodies on this list that I know you will love.

These presents are not going not going to disappoint because it’s got a TON of gift ideas that are going to make your 18-month old light up brighter than the Christmas tree this year!

Cozy Coupe

The Cozy Coupe is a classic car toy that has been around forever, we all remember this thing. It’s great for indoors or outdoors and every 18 month old in the world loves it!  It’s the perfect Christmas present!

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

Besides the original red coupe, there is a TON of other styles to choose from nowKids don’t know how lucky they have it.

Ahoy! Put This Under The Tree!

This is a super easy set up and your toddler is going to LOVE it when he sees it Christmas morning. It’s got plenty of room for their siblings who are definitely going to want in on this ship. My 5 year old sometimes takes over as captain.

Indoor/Outdoor Buccaneer BoatIndoor/Outdoor Buccaneer Boat

Big Foam Block Set

Got a big builder and climber on your hands?  These giant blocks are a great Christmas present that an 18-month old would love to push around and climb on.  There are 7 blocks in this set and I promise you any 18-month old that gets a hold of these is going to be the happiest and busiest kid around.

What are the best christmas presents for 18 month old boys and girls?

Pretend Shopping Cart

Never too early to start playing chef. My 18 month old loves to push around the shopping cart and bring me fake food. Park this under the Christmas tree and it’s sure to be a favorite!

Little Tikes Shopping Cart - Yellow/RedLittle Tikes Shopping Cart – Yellow/RedToddler Pretend Play Shopping Cart with GroceriesToddler Pretend Play Shopping Cart with Groceries

Little Tikes Rocking Horse

It’s time to ride little one with this Little Tikes Rocking horse. This thing really rocks, and that’s no pun. My 18-month old loves to hop on this like a mad man and ride it like he really thinks it’s going to go somewhere. Great gift for an 18-month old and the price is right on!

Little Tikes Rocking Horse BlueLittle Tikes Rocking Horse Blue

First Slide

Toddlers dig this slide. If you got a little dare devil going on this thing is gonna get some serious use. My 18 month old digs this slide and we keep it in the house!

Little Tikes First Slide, Red/BlueLittle Tikes First Slide, Red/Blue

Ball Fun Climbers

This is one of the highest ratest toddler toys around because it keeps those kids out of your hair a LONG time. Got an active one at 18 months? This is is a good one, especially for indoor spaces parents! Imagine this… your toddler staying in one area for more than 5 minutes while you actually try to get something done!

Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber With Slide For ToddlersStep2 Play Ball Fun Climber With Slide For Toddlers

Time To Clean Up!

This is one of the best toys we ever got for our toddler because he plays with them everyday. We keeps ours where we keep our actual broom and mop so he believes he’s actually helping out. What inspired this gift was the fact that he kept taking my broom and mop and he’s way to little to be swinging around those.. although he didn’t think so.

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6-Piece Pretend Play SetMelissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6-Piece Pretend Play Set

Fisher Price Popper Toy

This thing is a classic that no toddler can resist. Rock Christmas this year by not forgetting one of these under the tree.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn PopperFisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar Climbing Play Structure for Kids

This is a really cool play structure that will work indoors or outdoors. Those kids will be climbing all over it before you can get it built!

Indoor/Outdoor Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar Climbing Play StructureIndoor/Outdoor Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar Climbing Play Structure

Lily Pad Lane

This is the ultimate active play area loaded with play space for an 18-month old.  Active toddlers need their own space to crawl around, roll and climb. What’s cool about this is that the 3 different sections can be separated. There’s a climber, play area and mat.  It’s the best present you can buy an active 18-month old.  The product is: 1” H x 140” W x 40” D

Indoor Toys for Active Toddlers

Mini Mountain with Balls

This mini mountain with ball pit is a great Christmas present to buy a two year old boy or girl and it fits nicely in the corner space of any room. Climb, crawl, slide and play balls all in this one space and it keeps an active 18-month old happy indoors.

Best 18-Month Old Christmas Presents EVER!

Sit and Spin

This is a classic and it never gets old around here.

Sit and SpinSit and Spin

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball

This toy is a hit, dunking balls is where it is at. This is a classic toy and it’s great for an indoor activity they will want to do again and again and again and again..good thing it comes with three balls.

EasyScore Basketball SetEasyScore Basketball Set

Waterfall Water Station

Whenever you need to make a cranky toddler happy… put him or her in the bath with this, it’s a winner ever time.

Playboom Baby Bath Toy - Waterfall Water Station with Two Stackable Cups by Enhance Your Baby’s Thinking Ability and Creativity Great Toy For Boys - Girls-ToddlersWaterfall Water Station 

Sit To Stand Alphabet Train

This ride on train is awesome because it has a seat to sit on that carries alphabet blocks. There’s a ridiculous amount of learning activities built into this awesome toy.  It super fun AND it’s educational too – win/win.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet TrainVTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

Servin Up Fun Food Truck

This little food truck is just the right size with all the bells and whistles an 18-month could ask for. Tiny chefs are serving up fun and imagination as they learn to recognize colors, shapes, numbers and different kinds of food, yum! Who wants a tiny play kitchen when you can serve it up in with a food truck? Siblings are going to love this thing too.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin' Up Fun Food TruckFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

Popular Toys for an 18-Month Old

These are really popular toys for an 18-month old that don’t take up too much space but are really fun. I’m the mom of four kids, we’ve owned all these, some of them we’ve owned twice. They’re oldies, but goodies that keep them busy and entertained.

Fisher-Price Rock-a-StackFisher-Price Rock-a-StackFisher-Price Chatter TelephoneFisher-Price Chatter TelephoneFisher-Price Classic XylophoneFisher-Price Classic Xylophone

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn First Words Smart Puppy

This is a very cute toy and holds great potential for early learning. A grandson or granddaughter is going to lalalalove this Christmas present fo sho!! It holds my toddlers attention for well over 30 minutes (that’s a long time for this age).

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn First Words Smart PuppyFisher-Price Laugh & Learn First Words Smart Puppy

Colorful Floor Mats

These colorful floor mats make a good presents for an 18 month old boy or girl because they cover a large space with soft, rubber play surface. What I love about these is that they clean up so nicely and you can let them play on them without fear of getting hurt. Perfect for tile and wood floor spaces that hard and rough… or carpet that you don’t want to get dirty in a play area. Kids love the big colorful letters and all the space to roam and do somersaults.

Matney Foam Mat of Alphabet Puzzle Pieces– Great for Kids to Learn and Play – Interlocking Puzzle PiecesMatney Foam Mat of Alphabet Puzzle Pieces– Great for Kids to Learn and Play – Interlocking Puzzle Pieces

Don’t want the alphabet? See all the other colorful floor mats available on Amazon.

Toddler Crawl-Thru Jungle Gym

This is an EPIC Christmas present to buy an 18-month old because look at all the space there is to crawl through and explore! It’s like the McDonalds PlayLand came home to stay! Nice thing about this is that the pieces fold up pretty nicely to store easily – so you don’t have to have a gym in the house 24/7 (unless you want too, no judgement here).  I do believe those balls are sold separate but that’s a good thing because some of us don’t want a bunch of balls and some of us do.

5-Piece Toddler Jungle Gym5-Piece Toddler Jungle Gym

It’s Time To Potty

This potty is the perfect present for your 18 month old because it’s fun to pee and poo when there’s a puppy toilet involved. It sings when they go potty all by itself.. what a reward!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learn, Puppy PottyFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learn, Puppy Potty

Toddler Swing

This is a great swing for this age, you can hang it from some eye hooks inside or outdoors from a tree.

Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat, TurquoiseStep2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat, Turquoise

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride On

If you want to buy the Ultimate Christmas Present for an 18-month old – this one is going to rock their world for years. We have one of these and it’s hard to keep the adults off it let alone all the kids. My little one loves riding down coaster and if you got a little adventurer at heart, yours will too.

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride OnStep2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride On


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