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21 Best Makeup Brushes Everyone Should Have

Applying makeup is an art and you will need the right kind of tool set to get the perfect look. Likewise, it is really helpful to have an extensive assortment of professional makeup brushes as they would give you freedom and choice to shape your look for the day. Also, it is important for you to know that every brush comes with its own pluses, which would enhance your facial features in a unique way. Hence, it is important for you to get hold of the right kind of brush. so here, I present to you my favorite collection of makeup brushes which would certainly ensure that you stand a class apart from your peers.

1.  Laura Mercier Flat Eyeliner Brush

The brush is subtle yet elegant and it is constitutive of
strong and firm synthetic bristles which condense into a thin flat line at the
end. In addition, this unique structure of the brush also helps in ensuring
that you apply color precisely along the lash line giving your eyes an elegant
neat look.

2. Tom Ford Eyeshadow
Blend Brush

People who are into experimenting with eyeshadows colors
like me. This brush is exactly for you. In fact, this Tom Ford’s brush assists
well in the blending of colors effortlessly. Also, the brush looks royal with
its black handle, a golden ferrule, and pure white goat bristles.

3. Kabuki Concealer
Blend Makeup Brush

It is an attractively designed flat top brush with soft and
fine bristles which help in smoothly blending of liquid foundation into the
skin surface. Moreover, this angled brush helps to emphasize your natural
contours giving you the diva look.

4. Kabuki Undereye
Concealer Makeup Brush

This brush has many advantages as it helps to conceal
problems like acne, eye bags, and fine lines. In addition, this is a flat top
brush with fine bristle heads which helps to cover the difficult to get to
regions of face for example; the regions between eyes and nose.

5. Morphe M310 Large
Soft Fan

This brush is made of gentle and fluffy bristles which will
help in even distribution of color on the face. Moreover, the bristles are designed
in such a way that they help in removing the surplus makeup powder from the
face. To add, this brush is one of the best ones for highlighting and

6. Bare Minerals full
flawless face brush

This brush is made of organic bristles which helps to blend
colors well. In addition, the semi-circular shape of this face brush makes it
easy for applying wide strokes all over the facial region.

7. Makeup Forever
Small paint brush

A small thick brush with straight fibers, it can be used
effectively for whole skin coverage including face and the body. Additionally,
the brush’s petite size proves to be an advantage for applying foundation or
body paint.

8. IT Cosmetics
Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder Brush

Get the perfect airbrushed look for the day with IT
cosmetics powder brush. The brush has a lush smooth look with a velvety touch
handle. Also, the brush head is exactly cut which will help you to excellently
control the makeup application.

9. Trish McEvoy
Perfect Foundation 76 Brush

This is a bushy brush with a level head which ensures that
there is an optimal coverage of foundation on your face. Besides, you can get a
soft-focus effect using this brush. In addition, this brush can be used for
powder, cream and liquid foundation.

10. Tom Ford Cream
Foundation Brush

This brush is made of short flat densely filled fibers to
help distribute the product evenly onto the skin. Also, it is lightweight and
easy to hold.  However, this brush is
specifically used for the cream foundation.

11. Spectrum So Oval
You A03 Foundation Brush

Go all creative in making your perfect base from dewy, light
and full coverage for getting a perfect finish using Spectrum So Oval’s
foundation brush. This foundation brush is made of strong and high-quality
elliptical bristles which makes it easy for accurate application of foundation.

12. Zoeva Lux Fan

Caress your face with velvety soft natural bristles of Zoeva
Lux Fan Brush. Also, for girls who prefer a simply elegant look, this brush
really helps as it is explicitly designed for light coverage makeup. Moreover,
this fan brush helps to brush out the eyeshadow fall out.

13. Morphe Rose Gold
Pro Pointed Contour R5 Brush

A regal rose gold handle with thinly pointed bristles. This
brush is an ideal pick for the perfect blending of contour products.

14. Stila #11
Concealer Brush

This is a long handle brush to help blend the concealer into
the foundation to give an even look Also, it features super-soft synthetic
bristles made of Taklon.

15. Kevyn Aucoin Concealer

A thick and an incredibly soft brush intended to imitate the
fingertip application for a refined smooth finish.

16. Chanel Angled Lip
Brush #33

Now apply your lip color like a makeup professional with the
angled lip brush presented by Chanel. The design of the brush with a slightly
angled end makes it easy for you to handle the application of color without
making it look messy.

17. Sephora Pro
Angled Lip Brush #88

A diagonal brush with an attractive shape for applying all
kinds of lipsticks. Fill up your lip color like a dream with this angled lip
brush. Also, this brush works extremely well with liquid lip color.

18. Bobbie Brown
Blush brush

If you want a natural yet polished elegant look, then you
should opt for Bobbie Brown’s Blush Brush. The brush has been specifically
designed with soft bristles to blend power and foundation effortlessly into the

19. Sigma Beauty F 10
Blush Brush

Now get set to blush like a rose with this superbly designed
brush. The brush is thick and rounded at the end thus making it easier for you
to apply color at the precise place on your cheeks. However, it is specifically
used for applying powder.

20. Revlon
Retractable Lip Brush

Girls, this is one of the lip brushes which is creating a
rage in 2018. The brush features soft and lush bristles which help to blend lip
color effortlessly. Also, it is easier to hold and manage the brush as it has a
diamond grip handle.

21. M.A.C Tapered
Blending Brush

The blending brush does wonders to your skin. With its
amazingly soft and tapered bristles, this blending brush really helps you to
get a minimalistic look by depositing color slightly.

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