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13 Easy Ways to Get Smooth and Silky Hair

Hair care was an important part of a beauty regimen
during the Egyptian era. Historians have proven that curling tongs and hair gel
were regularly used by people in those times. Thus, it is evident that love for
hair has been there since ancient times and even today it matters a lot about
how your hair looks. I am sure, we girls dread bad hair days. Making your hair
look good and healthy is an art and believe me once you start practicing it.
You will see the magic. To have hair of the finest texture is definitely
possible if you take good care of your hair in the right way. So, let us start
by discussing few effective tips to get smooth and silky hair.

1. Oil Massage

‘Refreshing’ and ‘rejuvenating’ these two words are just
not enough to describe my experience of oil massage. Wow! Is the word I am
looking for. Oil massage makes it possible for a systematic distribution of
natural oils in your hair giving your hair a shiny satin look. A wide variety
of oils are available for nourishing your hair. Right from the good old
classic, the coconut oil to aromatic oils such as rose oil, lavender oil. The
list goes on forever, choose accordingly and see the magic work through your

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the oldest and most mentioned medical
plants in the ancient records of the past as it has multiple benefits. It is a
natural moisturizer and conditions your hair effectively to give you an
exceptional look. One easy way to get rid of dry and dull looking hair would be
to add a small amount of aloe vera gel to your shampoo while bathing. You can
also use the gel in combination with an oil massage treatment. That is, take
olive oil or coconut oil and add aloe vera gel and massage your scalp nicely.

3. Hibiscus

Greasy hair is mainly due to the production of excess oil
within the hair follicles. This results in hair losing its natural shine and
smoothness. Hibiscus is a good oil stabilizer which helps in regulating the
secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands giving your hair a balanced neat
look. Another way to condition your hair using hibiscus with egg white and make
a hair pack. This will effectively seal in the moisture content and give your
hair a super-enriched look.

4. Egg Mask

Lift the spirits of your dull hair using an egg mask.
Eggs have a large number of advantages. Most importantly, the yolk part of the
egg is largely used in the beauty industry. It contains a kind of protein
called Lecithin which helps to moisturize the hair and gives you a radiant
hair. You can use eggs in combination with olive oil and coconut oil to provide
the needed moisture for dry hair conditions.

5. Milk

Revitalize your hair using milk. Milk is a natural
conditioner which effectively conditions your hair and gives a soft look. Mix
honey with milk and apply it to your scalp. This technique is really helpful as
honey is a good cleansing agent. Milk also helps in extensive cleansing of dust
and grease which will help in nourishing your hair.

6. Soap Nuts

Soap nut is an effective natural cleansing agent. They
richly replenish your hair with vitamins K, A, E. These soap Nuts also called
as washing nuts have anti-microbial properties and hence can be used to cleanse
your hair giving it a glossy smooth finish. I highly recommend that you wash
your hair with soap nuts as even today my grandmother insists that I use soap
nuts for my hair.

7. Mayonnaise

Funny but true! Mayonnaise is not just used for cooking.
Massage your hair with mayonnaise once a week for good hair. Mayonnaise ultra –
conditions your hair since it is super rich in proteins and amino acids. For
people suffering from dry and brittle hair. Make a hair pack using mayonnaise
and banana to moisturize your hair.

8. Banana Pack

One of the highly recommended hair tips for soft and
smooth hair is using bananas. For a smooth and shiny look, make a pack for your
hair using Bananas, olive oil, and egg whites and leave it on for about twenty
minutes and see how beautifully the mask hydrates your hair locks.

9. Black Tea

For raven- black hair uses black tea to darken your hair
locks. Black tea helps to oxidize your hair giving a rich shiny look. After
washing your hair, use black tea for the final rinse and you can noticeable
observe that your hair is becoming more smooth and manageable.

10. Beer

Beer is a blessing for hair maintenance. It helps in
maintaining the oil balance in your hair. Beer is helpful in getting over the
problem of dry hair as it contains proteins which help to moisturize hair. Not
only this, since beer is acidic, it helps to regulate excess oil production.
Moreover, the proteins in beer also aid in repairing your hair cells which
often get damaged due to dust and pollution. You can moisturize your hair by
mixing beer with olive oil and using it as a conditioner after shampooing.

11. Henna Pack

Using henna for hair really helps as it prevents rough
and brittle hair by strengthening your hair strands. Alongside, it is a
wonderful conditioner which helps to moisturize your hair. You can combine
henna with egg and curd or use a mix of henna and Multani mitti for your hair.

12. Gooseberry

The best natural hair product with more than 80% moisture
content. Gooseberries help in tacking dry and dull hair. It is also very
effective for cleansing your scalp. Gooseberries are also rich in vitamin C
thus helping you to keep your hair healthy. You can apply a rich mix of
gooseberry and shikakai which would give you a perfect hair day.

13. Proper Diet

Finally, It is really important that you take care of
what you eat as it leaves a significant impact on your hair. One simple tip is
to drink lots of water. This will help to hydrate your hair. Including seafood
within your diet really helps your hair. For instance, fish and shrimps are
rich in omega 3 fats which help to prevent the scalp from becoming dry. You can
also add eggs to your food habits. Eggs have biotin in them which would give a
soft luster to your hair.

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