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12 Timeless Dining Room Designs with Modern Mid-Century Style

What comes to mind when talking about modern mid-century decor style? Maybe a mixture of traditional and modern styles? You’re right, but it’s not just what defines this style. A modern mid-century interior design is both focused on function and form. Smooth lines and geometric shapes are used. We do not put too many decorative objects. The style applies with few ornaments and with use of contrasting materials.

Brown Design Group

If you find this a little complicated, we are here to guide you to make a decoration in this style and to give you some inspiration. And today, we will focus on the dining room.

Ponciano Design

Inspired by the 50s


Here is a dining room inspired by the style of the 50s, renovated with white walls and porcelain flooring. We can notice here a burst of resplendent colors, in particular coming from the lampshade which is near the wall.

A beautiful color palette

Meridith Baer Home

This dining room, also in the style of the 50s has black walls, a beige wooden floor. The green color of the plants is fabulous next to the dark wood.

Contrasting materials and colors

Dillon Kyle Architects

We can notice here that all the chairs surrounding the table are all made of wood, except those that are at each end of the table, and whose color and design differ. The colors used are also very attractive.

Wood in the spotlight

Vivian Johnson Photography

If you would like to have a clean-cut dining room, why not inspire colors on this model? With wood, you will never miss a decoration, either in relation to the colors or the material itself.

A comfortable and comfortable sofa

Staffan Tollgard Design Group

If you have a large family or if you are used to receiving several guests, incorporating a long sofa like this is not a bad idea, do not you think? Arrange it on one side. It can accommodate a group to chat.

A modern mid-century dining room set by dark colors

Klopf Architecture

The white color used in this dining room is perfect with the accent wall in the dark color. The decor is sublimated by the high ceiling, windows and glass doors. The black chairs are gorgeous accents accompanying the dark-colored dining table. ‘

Beautiful accent colors

Regan Wood Photography

We love the accent colors in this dining room. They are fabulous allied with wooden floor and white walls. We also like, especially the round mirror, the rug and the red lighting above the dining table.

A dining room open on the living room

Design Platform

Let’s see a little this renovated dining room: it has a transparent fireplace with a black frame. The beautiful orange touches provide a beautiful backdrop.

An airy decor

Klopf Architecture

People living in this house can move from the kitchen to the living room and dining room freely. The layout was done in an interesting way, which allowed to create this open and borderless aspect.

The ideal chairs

Blake Civiello Architecture

They are really beautiful these orange chairs. Thanks to this huge window, this dining room becomes incredibly light and airy.

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