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12 Hair Colour Trends You Need to Know for This Summer

change and so do fashion trends. Summer season is here girls! I am sure you are
setting up your wardrobe to beat the summer heat in style. For instance, my
closet is currently flooded with tops of different kinds; tank tops, crop tops,
sleeveless tops and also includes skirts, shorts and cool sunglasses to fight
the blazing heat. Let me put it this way, a summer wardrobe makeover is the norm
followed by girls since forever.

let us make our own rules this summer by giving ourselves a hair makeover. Yes,
I am talking about colouring our tresses. It is not just me who believes in it
even history proves it so. The Egyptians and Romans of the ancient world used
to dye their hair with colours of different kind. Also, various studies have
proven that certain attributes and qualities are directly associated with the
colour of your hair. So, let us redefine ourselves this summer by digging into various
hair colours which are currently trending.

 1. Butter

set for your dreamy summer with this amazing hair colour. This sun-kissed
yellow hue will definitely give us a warm fuzzy feeling. Also, this classic
look is highly preferred because it is easy to maintain and takes less effort.
This could be coupled with subtle highlights of gold and pink hues to complement
your skin tone and enhance your facial features.

2. Platinum Blonde

the summer heat with a cool frosty look offered by Platinum Blonde. This silvery
look of platinum is correctly balanced by giving your roots a dark grey colour
that would merge seamlessly with the icy look given by the platinum.

3. Rose Gold

has rapidly earned the reputation of being one of the most preferred colours
among jewellery makers and smartphone manufactures. Now it is emerging to be a
hot favourite among the Instagram users. This hair colour with pink tones gives
us a vintage look of the 70s. Though one can revolutionize this age old colour
by introducing metallic highlights giving a silvery glossy finish to your hair.

4. Baby Blue

 This is the perfect hair colour for a looking
like a beautiful mermaid at the beach. The baby blue hue adds up to give a
subtle and a calming effect. Either one could go for a complete blue look or
keep it sweet and simple by dyeing the hair ends with blue. Otherwise, we can
get a little more rebellious by experimenting with different shades of blue.


is always in fashion since it is one of the easiest and effortless look to
achieve. One of my favourite looks would be to give a dash of warm chocolate
hue for my hair to give a natural and textured look. If one does want to go a
little  more bold they could opt for a
hair colour transition from the mid- section of the hair using colours such as
pink and grey to get a different look.

6. Harry Potter

this hair colour is for you guys. Show your love for Harry Potter this summer
by colouring your hair in Gryffindor’s colours of red and gold This hair colour
will also perfectly complement the fierce and earthy look for the coming

7. Rainbow Colours

All  seven magical colours of the Rainbow on your
hair is quite a colourful sight to behold. The look could be pulled-off by all
kinds of people having different skin-tones. You can further personalize your
rainbow coloured hair by playing with the shape and positions of your hair
colour highlights.

8. Chocolate Mauve

Mauve gives us just the kind of professional look for your hair. It eludes a
personality trait of being ‘warm and subtle’ which is just the kind of look a
professional would want to have. The basic kind of Chocolate Mauve would bring
out a smooth transition of colours from pink to lavender in your hair. Also,
you can create a party look by adopting highlights of different colours such as
pink, brown and caramel. However, using pink predominantly against brown hair
has been one of the most common trends this year.

9. Jewel -Toned

a transition from pastel colours, the bright colours of blue and green are more
and more becoming common among girls to get a natural beach look. The royal
colours of blue and green which seemingly reflect the colours of gemstones such
as topaz, emerald would give your hair a rich coral look. It is also possible
to get a subtle look by using blue or green highlights against your natural
hair colour.

10. Driftwood lights

subtle and classic. It is not over the top and just like the name suggests. It
makes use of Babylights to give a soft light look and adds more dimension to
your hair. Don’t worry about hair length or type. Long or short, curly or
straight babylights would look amazing on anybody.

11. Cream Soda

an amazing hair colour like this one comes up then why wait. Cream Soda is a
shade which could be placed in-between the classic colours of blonde and
brunette. Tones of brown and gold are used to give a warm effect for your hair.
Quite easy to maintain and suitable for all skin colours. This is one of my
favourite looks for this summer.

12.  Mushroom Brown Hair

 A subtle blend of brown and ash colours to
give your hair a fresh and earthy look. This hair colour is quite
multidimensional in nature due to the use of babylights and highlights.
However, what makes this hair colour unique is its use of unconventional
colours such as purple, grey unlike warm colours like gold, brown. If you want
to stand out among the crowd this is the perfect hair colour you should be
opting for.

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