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12 creative ideas to save your bike while saving space

In the family, everyone has their own entertainment; there are those who are passionate about cinema, shows and reading; others by sport, boardwalk and various other activities. For some activities such as sports, various materials can be used and they should be stored somewhere where it does not clutter the house. Writers, painters, musicians or professional sportsmen have a special place to store their equipment. There are those who use a single place to group everything, like the garage where you can store various sports equipment, including bikes.

Walk Design + Build

Hang Bike

But not all homes have a garage to store bicycles. Especially if you have more than one. If most people put their bike in the garage, others break their heads to find more creative ideas. Discover in this post some creative ideas for storing your bike (s) while saving space.

Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

Work-Shop by MGDC

On the veranda

INT2 Architecture

In this small apartment, the storage of the bike is on the veranda. A bicycle carrier is used in the vertical direction. The whole looks like a decorative object; an idea that combines business with pleasure. In addition the floor is preserved.

On a large shelf

Sogno Design Group

For this other apartment, a large shelf is used to store the bike. Stowed in this way, it is easy to take and also to put back.

On the wall near the stairs

Nic Darling

Do you have space available below the stairs that you have never used? Now it will serve something. Use it to store bicycles, as above. Good idea, no?



Many items from IKEA can be transformed differently to serve other purposes than their first function. But you can also imitate them by designing them yourself. For the example on this picture, it is about drilling three holes on the wall, to fix hooks on which two leather strings will rest. And here we are, we can hang the bicycle.

A storage inspired by a ladder


Here is a really unique idea. Even a small space can suffice with this ergonomic design. This storage has the advantage of being part of the decoration of this house. This storage inspired by a ladder is easy to transport and store. What’s also impressive about this storage style is that it has shelves that can be used as extra storage space.

Minimalist style


If you want a minimalist look, here’s a simple way to store bikes on the wall.


Walk Interior Architecture and Design

This model is very interesting, it is especially for a modern house. Choose a wall not far from the main door; it is very convenient if you use your bike frequently.

In a corner

Jen Chu Design

As we can see here, this bicycle rack is perpendicular to the wall. If installed in the right position, it will always be perfect. But you can not install it in a place where you go back and forth. Its ideal location is in a sufficiently large corner of the house.

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