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12 bohemian rooms for fans of eclectic decor

A multitude of colors and prints, varied textures, fabrics and heaps of mundane decorations; these are all characteristics of the bohemian style. This is one of the most fun decorating styles to create from the very foundation. If you would like to add something funky in your room, we’ve put together some great ideas below to inspire you to create a bohemian bedroom decor.

With a macrame tapestry

Here is a bedroom filled with rays of sun and embellished with pretty prints on the bed linen and a very interesting macrame tapestry on the wall. We love the eclectic and casual style of the room, as well as these open shelves adorned with green and luxurious plants, which impose a pleasant and organic atmosphere.

Lamps and beads


This cozy little corner is truly defined by the bohemian style of all kinds. From the tapestries hanging from the ceiling to the pearls on the cushions, there are many attractive things here. The neutral color bedding is in perfect contrast with the accents all around. The room is simply comfortable and rich in decoration.

Sublime lamps

For a bit of fantasy, put special lights throughout the room. Combine them with patterned bedding and deep earthy tones. You will create a room that is both bohemian and relaxing. A little magic flair emerges from this room.

A worn effect

Go in all the bright colors when you decorate your room with the bohemian style, but pay attention to the details. Do not forget the prints, the worn-out surfaces to integrate the eclectic and relaxed spirit.

A rustic dose

Bohemian style and rustic style have been combined to decorate this magnificent room. All these wooden furniture are arranged perfectly with earthy tones and with textures. Bohemian prints take center stage, offering an interesting interior design worthy of the name.

Modern in green

This bohemian bedroom has a modern twist. The green, black and white color palette owes its timeless character. But it is the organic nuances and the honor it gives to the outdoor vegetation that perfectly complement the hippie side.

Sun rays

Look at this wonderful setting we discovered via Maggie Overby Studios. Cranberry and emerald green tones are perfectly combined. The sun above the bed provides a modern air. But the bohemian style is seen in the way fabrics and prints melt wonderfully.

The charm of the industrial style

We are quite captivated by the charm of the mix of industrial and bohemian styles. Bricks and exposed beams are like a gift from heaven. Bohemian prints and bed linen are a marvel.

Vintage photos

A collection of vintage photos on the wall with chartreuse and teal colors resplendent in every corner of this room.

A Christmas spirit

This is a bohemian room that stands out with its holiday atmosphere. We love not only the neutral and romantic color palette, but also the joy of Christmas that fills the room with an eclectic sense.

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