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10 structured hairstyles with infinite beach vibes

Every woman wants hair that looks like she’s just returning from a photo shoot on the beach. Or maybe it’s better to say “Looks like she’s in a photo shoot on the beach,” because let’s be honest, a day at the beach does not always do wonders for our hair. Beachy sounds, vibes, or just “beachy hair” are all general descriptions that you will hear from time to time in the wide world of women’s hair. But what exactly is “Beachy Hair”? Well, pretty much everything that falls under the glamorous, but not well-kept category. For example:

Crumpled waves

 Crumpled waves of Ash Penfold

Layers and pony

 Layers and pony of Sal Salcedo 595

Dimensional blonde waves

 Dimensional blonde waves by Emma Chen "width =" 595 "height =" 592

Face-framing highlights

 Face-framing highlights by Ariel Hauck "width =" 500 "height =" 598

Blue-black coloring

 Blue-black tint by Alexia Purpur "width =" 595 "height =" 605

Bright honey blond.

 Fairy Blonde by Gabrielle Roccuzzo "width =" 530 "height =" 612

disheveled & structured

 disheveled & textured by Tauni "width =" 500 "height =" 623

Summer sun blond.

 Summer sun blond by Charlie Gauci "width =" 510 "height =" 605

Cool toned ashige highlights.

 Cool toned ashen highlights by Igor Khonin "width =" 500 "height =" 604

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