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10 Impressive Planter DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls With Nature

Today in this post, we will look at some creative options there are to decorate the wall with planters!

1. Wheel Of Planters

Placing planters onto the wall isn’t exactly that hard. You can put up hooks that can be attached to the planter securely. And this idea is a step further! The wheel is secured onto the wall first. It has to be locked onto its position so it won’t be wobbly or turn. Then, planter comes right up onto the stage. It adds a unique rustic background that goes probably well if that’s what you’re looking for.


2. Bike Planter On A Wall

Well, it’s not exactly a bicycle but you get the idea. Just in case you got a broken bike laying in the garage somewhere, here’s an idea that will help you upcycle the bicycle. The back and the seat area of the bicycle makes ideal spots for you to create a platform for your planters. For this to work well, you might need to customize a suitable bicycle rack that would hold the weight right.


3. Wall Planter Tree

It’s a tree growing planters! By the looks of it, they’re ready for harvest! This incredible display of wall planters involves a simple metallic frame that looks like a tree. It’s also possible to recreate the tree frame using black thick wires instead. The planters are placed onto the wall with brackets and hooks. The wired tree can come by later. Twist and bend it into the natural tree shape.


4. Window Frame Planter

When we put planters in the house, most of us would put them by the window because that’s how they can get some sunlight. In this case, that might not be the reason but one thing for sure is that it beautifies the whole planter display! The bright yellow window frame complements the reddish planter and the greens that it holds. The nice color contrast makes the planters pop.


5. Purse Planter

Buy a plant and carry it with your purse. When you come back home, don’t bother to take it out of the purse. Just hang it by the wall somewhere!


6. Planter Boots

Boots make fine containers for soil and gravels just how a normal planter would be. These beautiful boots get a touch of nature by transforming into unique planters. Stuffing the end of the boots with a planter that fits the right size works fine too. That way, you don’t have to fill the entire boot with soil. This will help in reducing the weight.


7. Upcycled Bottle Planter

Milk is a wonderful thing to enjoy in life. And often comes along with it is a plastic jug that would usually be thrown away. It doesn’t have to turn out that way because there’s actually a lot of ways we can reuse these plastic bottles for greater purpose. Just take a look how gorgeous this make over of the plastic bottle is. Elegant, nicely decorated with facial features and an awesome fern plant for hair.


8. Backyard Tin Can Fence Garden

Garden on a wall doesn’t have to be expensive. With cheap tin cans, this plain fence gets a beautiful blue makeover. First, you need to poke some holes for drainage. After that, blast it with blue or any color that suits your passion. Manifest your inner colors onto these cans before nailing them onto the wall and fill them with plants.


9. Croc Planters

Technology does it this time! It’s shoes and planter, 2 in 1! When you don’t feel like wearing these shoes anymore, turn them into a friendly planter that would hold your plants marvelously. The shoe hole is quite big and would let the soil to flow out when you water them. It’s best to place in a sack before filling it with soil. Once that is done, comes in with the plant.


10. Radio Planter

Tune in to your favorite plants with this upcycled radio box! Succulents make perfect plant for this because they require little soil to thrive. This makes it convenient for them to be stuffed in tight and small spaces that cannot contain much soil. With careful selection of specific colored patterns and well-thought arrangement, this could be the very platform that would help your plants shine like a star!


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