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10 images that prove that the walk-in shower is ideal

Creating a bathroom design is not an easy task. The goal is to obtain a practical, functional room inside which one can relax and relax. Thus, it would be better to make a list of our needs, before choosing the type of tiles, the sink, the bathtub, etc. But what about the shower? On the budget side, it is rather affordable. But she is asking for space to accommodate the bathtub. The choice is then a little limited. What if you opt for a walk-in shower? Discover in this post some bathroom designs that prove that the walk-in shower is ideal.

A spa atmosphere

It must be admitted that a walk-in shower brings a spa atmosphere in any type of bathroom. It’s like she’s inviting you to take your time and enjoy a nice hot shower. Whatever our favorite styles, deep down, what we all want is a relaxing shower, right?

A shower for two

A walk-in shower gives you the opportunity to double the shower heads. So you and another person can take the shower at the same time, at your own pace, without having to wait for the water. You will not be late for work.

A solution for small bathrooms

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a very spacious bathroom. Indeed, some can not even have a bathtub for lack of space. However, do not lose hope. You can still take a good shower. A walk-in shower gives you the illusion of a larger space, especially if its doors are glazed. You can see through the glazed surfaces not like with the shower curtains that clutter visually.

Attic bathroom

Speaking of small bathroom and bath, the walk-in shower is perfect for an attic bathroom. It’s a great solution for all those damn hard to build corners. Since tiles and glass fit easily, you will not be spending too much on having a decent shower.

A way to create a spacious bathroom

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom, then you’ll be right to want to separate your bathtub and shower. By installing a walk-in shower in one corner, it will certainly fill the space and give it a luxurious air.

A well-decorated walk-in shower

Who would not like a shiny wooden floor? Unfortunately, this is not ideal for a wet room like the bathroom. Instead, you could still opt for a tile resembling wood. It will make your bathroom extremely modern and bright without having any moisture problems.

A discreet shower

If you want to hide your shower, it would be better to install a wall. Install your walk-in shower behind the vanity unit for example.

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