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▷ 1001+ Ideas for Bridal Hairstyle: Open, Semi-Open, or Pinned?

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Bridal hairstyles: open, half-open or high-heeled?

The choice of bridal hairstyle is one of the most critical decisions one should make before the wedding. Because the fear, you could wear the wrong hairstyle on the wedding day, could bring any bride to despair.

100 inspiring bridal hairstyles

Bridal hairstyles creative ideas and selected pictures


How to avoid this dangerous situation? It does not matter if an open, half-open or high-cut hairstyle is right for you on this important day. Many more things are important. With the tips below, we want to avoid missing out on anything.

Elegant bun hairstyle for the most beautiful day in life

Bridal hairstyle ideas updo hair accessories

Casual bride hairstyle with diadem

romantic hair accessory bridal updo with diadem



Once you find your answers to these basic questions, the details are less important. If the main form is right, the elements are something that makes things even more charming and interesting. But the details can not ruin your wedding hairstyle!

Candid wedding hairstyle with veil

Wedding hairstyles open long hair with veil

The veil makes for a romantic look

Wedding hairstyle with veil ideas romantic look

They have to be different, look different!

You may know which hairstyles suit you well in principle. It is not necessarily the best decision to wear it on your wedding day. You would have to be more daring at your wedding. You should awaken the WOW effect with your guests. This certainly does not work if you wear a standard hairstyle.

Festive curls hairstyles for long hair

Bridal hairstyles long hair romantic curls updo

The difference to your everyday look does not have to be in the shape of your hairstyle. You could also opt for a new bold color or a very special detail for the wedding. Do you have straight hair? What about waves or curls? Or maybe you prefer a cool one Ombre blond?

Vintage Bridal hairstyles with flowers

Bridal hairstyles long hair romantic hair accessories flowers

Make a hairstyle with which you can enjoy the wedding

Some hairstyles look nice, but they are inappropriate if you really want to enjoy the party. How do you want to dance, if you have to think about it all the time, if your hairstyle is still good?

Enjoy your wedding day!

Wedding hairstyles with veil bride and groomBridal hairstyles braided for long hair wedding day

Take some sample pictures with the photographer

The truth is that if a professional hairdresser does the hairstyle for you, it will look perfect. Live. But the pictures are critical. Sometimes we can look bad with the best hairstyle and make-up.

sample hairstyle make sure

romantic hair accessories bridal wedding hairstyles long hair

So choose a suitable photographer in advance. Make some trial hairstyles and let him take some pictures every time. Only then decide which hairstyle works best for you on pictures.

Let us take a picture …

Wedding hairstyles long hair hair accessories veil

The way you are made up also plays an important role. It is best to try out the make-up for your wedding with the chosen hairstyle.

Hairstyle and make-up sample

Flower hair accessories Bride long curly hair worn sideways

The advantages of the three main variants

But let’s talk about the advantages of the different hairstyle variants. This may help you decide more easily what would be suitable for you.

Make decision…

Bridal and bridal hairstyles with veil

Feel like a top model!

elie saab bridal fashion bridal hairstyles with veil

The raised hairstyles are a more traditional and at the same time very noble choice. However, you must trust your stylist and makeup expert very much. Even the smallest error is visible in this variant.

Hochteckfrisur with shiny hair jewelry

Bridal Hairstyle with Diadem Updo Dutt

This is also a choice that requires a lot of self-confidence in the broadcast. The insecure ladies would have to choose something different.

Decorated with real flowers

Wedding hairstyles long hair bridal hairstyle Dutt updo

Kirsten haze

Kirsten Dunst updo with braid

Hairstyles with open hair

The open hairstyles are a very romantic choice. However, it is not so easy for them to achieve the so much sought-after extraordinary appearance. Here it all depends on the details and accessories. In the end, your hair, though open, must look very different from the usual days.

Open hair with veil

Wedding hairstyles long hair with veil

The half-open hairstyles

This is probably the safest and most modern choice for hairstyles. It looks romantic, has enough festive elements and is good for most ladies. See that your face stays open.

Semi-open and with hair accessories

Bridal hairstyles trends and bridal wedding hair accessories wedding dress backless

Semi-open bridal hairstyles for long hair

Bridal hairstyles long hair romantic waves wedding hairstyle half-open

A wedding hairstyle should have a feminine and seductive look

Bridal hairstyle half open long hair curls

Please smile! – this is your best accessory

Bridal hairstyle with veil romantic updoBridal hairstyle romantic updos long hairBridal hairstyle with veil. Romantic wedding hairstyles. Long hair

Make your own bridal hairstyle step by step

Brautfrisur itself make long hair step by step

And finally, pick a matching hair accessory

Wedding Hairstyles Long Hair Hairstyle Hair AccessoriesWedding hairstyles long hairs pin hairstyle with flower hair accessoriesWedding hairstyles long hair braided hairstyle with hair accessories

For more bridal hairstyles scroll down …

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Bridal hairstyles long hair curls blond hair

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